5 Simple Swimsuit Tips


Suit by Lisa Marie Fernandez
Suit by Lisa Marie Fernandez

As much as we love summer, regardless of our age, most of us don’t look forward to putting on a swimsuit and parading on the beach…you know how it goes: you get there wearing your cover up, open your chair, grab your sunscreen, whip off the cover up, lather up – and SIT…..until you gather the courage to stand up and walk to the water…….
What to do to make this easier? Start before you leave the house with these five simple tips:

  1. Size matters – your swimsuit size, that is, so choose very carefully…isn’t it funny how you might feel great in your underwear, but your bikini, no way?  It’s all about the fit, and ideally buy top and bottom separately….In the bikini shown above I bought a small in the bandeau top (though I am not really small on top) to maintain a tight fit that would stay up….the bottom is a large – I was not turned off by the bigger size because that’s what looked best…so forget what size you think you are and buy what is most flattering.  This suit came from Everything But Water, where most suits you buy tops and bottoms separately and the staff are very helpful.
  2. Create a look – just as you would put together an interesting outfit for a party, do the same for the beach or pool….there are many adorable vintage styles now with high-waisted bottoms, or maybe you prefer a western look with fringe and a denim skirt? Avoid just throwing on shorts and a tee shirt, or a cover up that has no real style…..on a recent day enjoying my dad’s pool, I admired this woman’s white one piece swimsuit, not something many women dare to wear….with her dark hair pulled up, she looks like a Grecian goddess!Suit by Michael Kors3.  Cut out your tags – this is a really simple one, but so many women don’t do it!  On the bikini bottom especially, so many ladies have a ‘tail’ hanging out and ruin an otherwise good look.  When you cut off the price tag, cut out ALL the tags.
    Don't be caught taggin'!
    Don’t be caught taggin’!

    4.  Don’t hide in black – sure, there are some black suits that are different and a ‘wow’, but for the most part they display a lack of confidence and a choice for safety……is your black suit a ‘wow’???  If not, then I suggest you get rid of it and find yourself something colorful, something that has character, something that will look fab in the sun! How about this bold Trina Turk suit?

    Trina Turk one piece, 2015 collection; Pinterest photo
    Trina Turk one piece, 2015 collection; Pinterest photo

    5.  Fill your thermos with wine – or maybe a vodka and pineapple juice blend!  Yessiree, there’s nothing like a little buzz to take care of that shyness and free your inhibitions!  All kidding aside, it’s fun, it’s yummy, and it works!

    What do you say ladies???


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  • I got brave this year and bought two 2-piece bathing suits at Victoria Secret. I’m so glad high waisted is back because I’m not brave enough to wear a bikini. One has a black bottom with a cute peek-a-boo cut out in back and a very colorful top. The other is white and blue print with a strappy hip area. I love the vodka idea!

    • They both sound pretty with interesting details. Thanks for your comments!!


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