Dressing with standout style and attention to detail is something I embrace 365 days/year. In all kinds of weather, from brutal heat to freezing cold, a woman should always be weather appropriate, comfortable, and still look chic.


If you’re waiting for a train or a taxi, handling a briefcase and luggage,  heading out to a glamorous event and it’s cold and raining… what do you wear? Your  trench coat has no hood and you have no extra hand for an umbrella. Nylon jackets or rubberized ‘slickers’ are not nearly warm enough, even with layering, and are way too casual looking anyway.  Wool coats will not repel the rain.


I always wished that I had a raincoat that was waterproof, warm, and glamorous.  Something I could wear when I was dressed up, something warm, something with a generous hood.

One night when away on business, sitting on my bed in a midtown Manhattan hotel, I grabbed a sheet of paper from my laptop bag and sketched my vision of the Candy Costas Raincoat.  Water repellent, warm, and glamorous, with a dramatic and practical hood.


Now, when a woman has a special event to attend and it’s cold and raining, she doesn’t say,

“Damn, I have to wear my raincoat.”  She says,

“YES, I get to wear my raincoat!!!”