3 Easy Tips for Holiday Outfit Planning



Believe it or not, there are less than three weeks to go before the holiday party season begins – do you know what you will be wearing to these special events??? Did you say no? Oh boy. My strong advice: plan it NOW. The last thing you want is to be pressured during the season which will lead you to wear something you have that doesn’t ‘spark joy’ or to waste money on something you really don’t love.  No need to spend hundreds of dollars, but you do need to take the time to evaluate the situation as well as time to shop for what you need. Three tips as you get started:

  1. SHOP YOUR CLOSET FIRST – Most women have multiple black dresses, skirts, pants in their closet. Are there certain ones that you love, but feel that you have already worn it? Nobody will know if you style it in a different way – maybe you can start with something you have and add to it; if you have a great leather skirt, maybe shop for an off the shoulder sweater. You have a pair of black tuxedo pants? Shop for a fitted velvet blazer or a loose fitting sequin tunic.  Love your simple black sheath?  Shop for bold accessories and/or lace stockings.
  2. BUY A STATEMENT SHOE – You can transform your old black cocktail dress into a ‘wow’ with a shoe that is eye-catching. A colored shoe, a leopard shoe, an embellished shoe, a suede or velvet shoe – all are terrific options that you can wear to holiday parties and everywhere else – not only to wear with dresses, but with jeans and a blazer.  Here are two examples found on Pinterest:black-bow-pumps-pinterest




Nothing as sexy as a stiletto, but block heels are chic and comfy too!


3. THINK BEYOND RED – Ask anyone that knows me, wearing a red top with a black bottom is one of my pet peeves – especially during the holiday season.  So predictable!  For a more sophisticated look, think luxury fabrics in colors that flatter you, colors you wear year round.  Black, navy, cream, taupe – maybe in satin, cashmere, or silk, maybe with a touch of sparkle.  If you like red, try it as an accent (shoe, lipstick, handbag) or wear red on the bottom which is much less mainstream!

If you mix old pieces with new, and bargains with an occasional splurge, you will not break the bank!  For further guidance on holiday attire, check out ‘5 Biggest Mistakes to Holiday Outfits’ and the ‘Ginger-Bred Guide to Dress Codes‘.   If you have any outfit questions, I would love to hear and try to help!

2015 party attire; Banana Republic dress from Revolve, Manolo Blahnik pumps
2015 party attire; Banana Republic dress from Revolve (major bargain), Manolo Blank pumps (splurge!)

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