5 Simple Ways To Help Your Guy Be More Stylish

1 – Take him to your tailor.   Tailors are not just for ladies, but many guys may need a push to take a blazer, a suit, or even jeans to be tailored to look better. If your guy rarely visits a tailor, I can bet you that most of his clothes could use a tweak or two. Makes a huge difference! Does this look familiar???

Internet photo

This fellow would look so much better – and pounds thinner – if his pants were tailored.

2 – Buy him fun socks.   Tan pants, tan socks, blue jeans, blue socks – BORING! There are not that many ways guys can show style and creativity – wearing interesting socks is one simple way. Call me crazy, but when I see a well-dressed man I always check out his socks! Love to see interesting patterns, and wild colors! Peter has plenty of fun socks, but he still wears plain ones too – despite my threats to trash them…hahaha…

Peter goes wild!

Yes, Peter! These are great!

3 – Wrap his neck. Get your guy to try a scarf. Maybe just a plain gray one at first, simply wrapped loosely, or just hanging without a wrap. Then slowly introduce color, maybe plaid…try it on a cold day so he experiences the benefit of a warm neck…he then might appreciate how it looks better to wear a scarf with a coat, jacket, or blazer. (Yeah, I said ‘might.)

Just like creative socks, a scarf adds instant style.

4 – Get him a raincoat.  One lesson I learned well from Ginger was ‘always dress according to the weather’. This means men too! Men need proper outerwear for inclement weather. A few years back for Christmas, I bought Peter a Barbour waxed rain jacket with a hood…it’s a classic that is both practical and good looking for casual wear. The price may seem steep ($400 range), but think of it as a lifetime investment. For times when a fellow is in a suit, a dressier raincoat is called for – perhaps a classic trench, or an unbelted style as seen below…

Brooks Brothers water repellent coat

This is a handsome look, but would still require the guy to carry an umbrella...ideally a raincoat should have a hood!

5 – Hide his underwear. No, I am not suggesting your guy go commando, hahaha! You all have seen the trend of some young men wearing their pants low so that their boxers deliberately show? Not a good look. Well, for the more mature set, we don’t want to see your undershirts either! Wearing a crew neck white teeshirt under your dress shirt – with the neck open – says: “I’m old, I’m cold.” There are are three simple options here – 1. Buy V-neck undershirts! 2. Skip the undershirt altogether and wear a blazer or sweater for the added layer of warmth. OR 3. Wear a colored tee, like navy or gray. (Size down so it fits close to the neck) This way it looks like a deliberate style choice rather than a display of your underwear.

Pinterest photo

Ready to show this to the man in your life? Will he have a few choice words for me???   Do tell!!! 🙂

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  • I recently bought my husband a pair of more tailored, dark wash jeans for his birthday. They looked and fit so well! So why are they still in the bag with the tags on? He thinks they look tight! But they are not at all, they just fit properly and aren’t baggy. This is a foreign concept to him.

    • Haha! Peter used to wear baggier jeans but over the years has accepted the slimmer styles…don’t give up! 😉


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