5 Tips for Vacation Wardrobe Planning

Last March in Grand Cayman
Last March in Grand Cayman

Do you have a tropical getaway coming up?  In addition to planning your hotel, flights, and itinerary, you also need to plan your wardrobe!  To me, that’s part of the fun as it adds to the anticipation…..last year hubbie and I spent a week in Grand Cayman (great island), this year it will be Turks and Caicos……planning is well under way as I share my top five wardrobe tips:

  1. Don’t wait until the last minute to decide what you’re taking.  If possible, start at least a month in advance….begin by pulling out your old vacation/summer  clothes and try them on…..things may not fit, styles change, you may not like some things anymore…once you know what you have at home, then you can go shopping for items you need……don’t be disappointed if you don’t find what you need right away, that’s why you start early, so you aren’t pressured the weekend before you leave.  Remember: only buy what you really love – if it ‘sparks joy’ it is a better value because you will want to wear it often….I sometimes wear favorite vacation pieces year after year.
  2. The hell with ‘packing light’!  How heavy are summer clothes??? Pack an outfit for every day and night (with a few extras), and don’t skimp on shoes either – you know that they can make or break an outfit!  I always check one large suitcase and bring one carry-on – never has my suitcase exceeded 50lbs, never have I had to pay extra…..a “capsule wardrobe”?  That might be practical for a work weekend or if you are in a very limited situation – if not – pack it all and check the darn bag!
  3. Pack colorful clothes.  Many experts will advise you to stick to a neutral color palette so you can mix and match with fewer items, adding a colorful scarf as an accent…..to me this is a great plan for business travel, but in the tropics there is nothing like bright colors, pastel colors, and lots of white!  Especially if you are accustomed to conservative business attire, an aqua dress, coral sandals, or an all white outfit will instantly lift your spirit….leave the black capris at home!
  4. Plan your accessories.  Make a list of what you are wearing each evening then write down what you will wear for a belt, jewelry, a sweater/wrap, and what purse to carry….a clutch does not take up much room in your suitcase, so don’t  limit yourself to just one….Same goes for beach wear – hats are lightweight and can give your swimwear different looks – take a few, packing  them inside each other….they have a great selection of beach hats and fun accessories at Everything But Water in the Burlington Mall.
  5. Help your hubby.   Unless he is a clothes horse himself, your man could probably use some help planning…….chances are there are many items in his closet that he thinks are “fine” that are probably only suitable for flipping burgers in the backyard…..help him say goodbye to baggy pants, baggy cargo shorts, and athletic tee shirts….goodbye to gym sneakers, goodbye to that baggy short sleeved black shirt with palm trees…..hello to trim fit shorts/slacks, linen shirts, moccasins, colorful tees and polos.  He will probably protest at first – until he looks in the mirror and sees himself looking pretty darn good (and younger).

    Peter in John Varvatos polo, Bonobos shorts
    Peter in John Varvatos polo, Bonobos shorts

Last year in Grand Cayman I wore this fabulous pink linen blouse from Portobello Road, with white jeans from Calypso and Jack Rogers wedges – not sick of it yet, will be wearing again this year!

Wearing bright colors in Grand Cayman
Wearing bright colors in Grand Cayman!

One last tip:  Don’t forget to plan your travel outfit!  Wearing a stylish outfit to the airport sets the tone for vacation to begin before you even leave the ground…… Happy travels everyone!

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