A Joyous Occasion

This has not been the year for many joyous occasions, so it was truly a pleasure to recently attend the October wedding of my close friend’s daughter…needless to say, the pandemic changed things dramatically, most notably the size of the event and the necessary yet inharmonious social distancing measures…yet even with a party of 50 or so distanced guests, it was joyous, and it was fun!

Since it was the first time since last year that hubby and I got this dressed up, that was fun enough in itself! I wore a full length Escada that has been a favorite dress of mine for probably ten years now…it is simple, elegant, and subtly sexy – almost like wearing a crop top and a mini-skirt since the rest of the dress is sheer…naughty and nice at the same time! Found serendipitously, many moons ago, at Revolve…

Candy Costas Rule: When you see something unique that you really love, buy it – you will thank yourself when the occasion to wear it comes later…:-) Notice the fur cape? Michael Kors, another Revolve find – again, when I was not looking for anything in particular…:-)

As for shoes, six inch high satin sandals by Stuart Weitzman…yeah, the first few minutes were quite a shock to my feet, but after that I was just fine, and yes, they stayed on all night…:-)

Another first for 2020 – false lashes! Just a cheap-o, glue-on drugstore brand, but they definitely add instant glam…and instead of a predictable red lipstick, I opted for more of a pumpkin color, actually CB46 by MAC…seemed fitting for the season! Rhinestone earrings by Kate Spade…

Now, what did hubby wear, you ask???

You can never go wrong with a classic navy suit, this one by Ralph Lauren…since he has not worn a suit since way back in 2019, we joked about whether it would fit or not…well, you can clearly see that fit was not a problem at all! Just goes to show that you can stay in shape even without a gym…Ok, off to the wedding…

Everything was held at the Willowdale Estate in Topsfield, MA – lovely grounds, an idyllic New England setting on a picture perfect fall day…the bridal party entered to the theme of Game of Thrones (so cool!), the ceremony was short and sweet, the bride and groom were simply adorable!

Even though we were outdoors, many guests chose to wear masks…every person was careful, cautious, and respectful…while it was awkward at times, the atmosphere was nothing but joyous…

Cocktail hour was carefully presented, a stationary display as well as passed hors d’oeuvres…

Fortunately for all, the weather could not have been nicer!

The beautiful mother-of-the-bride wore a deep blue beaded gown from Madeline’s Daughter in Portsmouth, New Hampshire…she was a relaxed, gracious, and elegant hostess!

And as far as guests go, we were like kids in a candy store! Delighted to be celebrating this happy event and delighted to have an opportunity to dance!

But before that – a bathroom selfie! Haha…my fabulous beaded handbag is a much loved gift from a colleague – thank you Wilma!

Into the tent we go, and you can clearly see the distancing of the tables…call it safe, call it sad, call it what you want – from what I observed, it did not in any way hamper the happiness of this day!

The bride and groom seemed to be having fun from beginning to end, though it was not easy to find him for a pic! You know when you see a couple constantly laughing together that they are off to a good start…:-)

Father-of-the-bride was certainly thrilled with their union and delivered a toast that was both heartfelt and hilarious…

We drank champagne…we danced…we drank wine…we danced some more…

We ate cake…and we took more pics…;-) Haha…

While on one hand most of us will be glad to see the year 2020 end, on the other hand, every day, week, and every month of life is precious – so none of it should be wished away!

Some of us are certainly in more challenging circumstances than others and each person must make day to day decisions that makes them feel comfortable – whether or not to attend a wedding, whether or not to dine indoors, etc. Yet – regardless of your situation, every single one of us should not wait for 2021 or heaven forbid 2022 to enjoy life…seek joy now, in simple ways, in whatever ways you can…because whether it’s COVID or something else, none of us know what’s coming tomorrow.

Thank you Leslie and Rick for including us on this simply beautiful day!

Stay well. Dress well. Enjoy the NOW.

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  • OMG Candy! What a fabulous blog about the wedding. Thank you for posting those amazing photo’s and your delightful appraisal of the festivity’s. We are so happy & grateful that you and Peter felt comfortable to attend. XOXO

  • Leslie looks gorgeous! The whole event looked beautiful, including of course the lovely bride.

  • As usual, you and Peter show us all how it can (should) be done! You two look so happy and glowing. Made me smile ear to ear

  • I am living through you at this lovely event!! Everyone looked so joyful and relaxed, exactly the way it should be. My favorite pic was of you and Peter, third from the last.

    • Yes, it was amazing how relaxed everyone was – especially look at the bride’s parents! That pic of Peter and me is a classic, it captures us for sure. 🙂


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