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‘Rails’ chambray shirt

Summertime…and the livin’ is easy!  Dressing should be easy too, but easy need not mean ordinary. When I spotted this shirt recently in Mint Julep (a small boutique in Harvard Square) it was love at first sight – it was not a bargain so I tried to resist but it kept calling me!  “Helllooo Candy…you know you want me…just try me on…Haha!”

fullsizeoutput_bd9 Sometimes I will try on something because it might not fit well, may not look good on, so I can walk away with good reason. Well, not this time. fullsizeoutput_bd4 Fit well, felt great (Tencel, not cotton), and I loved the relaxed style with all the cool appliqués. Perfect over my waxed cotton jeans, will also be great over shorts.fullsizeoutput_be1
Also great with these JSlides that have become a summer favorite – they are so comfortable without looking ‘crunchy’ and they give you a little height. True to size should you order them online.


On this particular day hubby and I were headed to the Cape for a weekend away. For potential cool temps, a navy fitted Burberry jacket was a classy balance to the edgy/casual shirt.


Ready to hit the road….BUT WAIT! True story: in the car, about a block away from home, I felt that something was missing. “You need to go back?” Peter asked casually…Yes. Please…Thank you.

candy22 See what I added? Needed to add my own personal touch, and this chunky silver necklace did the trick. Yeah, Peter is a patient guy. ;-)

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  • Adding the necklace was perfect. It adds some glam to the casual chambray. And I love the JSlides! I ordered them and they are just as cute in person. However, for me they ran a bit wide and aren’t a great fit.


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