Classique Français

This may not appear to be anything special, but this is without a doubt one of my all time favorite looks, combining several elements of classic French style. Totally Ginger approved. What is especially fun is how the pieces came together on this particular day.  Let’s start with the boots…

When you walk into a Revolve Boutique, you never know what treasures you may find. OMG.  CHANEL booties – in perfect condition –  in my size. Am I dreaming??? How could I possibly resist? Metallic leather on the sides, a nubby fabric vamp with black leather toes, four inch chunky heels, ankle straps and side snaps. So darn cool. They will look great with everything!  A ‘no brainer’ purchase. First time wearing them, I decided to go with a black pleated skirt; this one in a lightweight wool blend by Rag and Bone, found awhile back at TJMaxx.   The fishnet style tights by Wolford allowed for a peek of skin while tying the skirt and boots together…

More fun: are you familiar with the brands Anne Fontaine or Agnes B? Both are French; Agnes B sells classic sportswear known for simple, understated styles.  Anne Fontaine is known for their statement blouses, all in white, black, or a combination of the two.  Here I took a white shirt (Pink brand, have had it for years) and put a Wolford scoop neck top over it…

Might as well go all the way –  I added a black silk floppy bow, a skinny patent belt, and voila!  A self-made Anne/Agnes top! It was the first time I ever wore a Wolford top like this over a blouse – it gave the piece a whole new look.   Time to choose outerwear:  in chilly weather I never leave the house without the necessary ‘three’ outerwear accessories: hat, scarf, and gloves.  Sure, it’s partly to be warm, but it’s also to look completely put together, head to toe. 

And I love wearing a three quarter length coat with the skirt showing below. Back in the 80s, heaven forbid if your dress hung below the hem of your coat!

Off I go to the Champs-Elysees!  Not.  Off I go my Lexington office, later in the day headed into Boston. Happy to go anywhere in classic French style. ;-)

You may already have pieces in your closet to create a classic French look!  Would you give it a try? 



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  • You are the Queen of the mix! The boots are fabulous and I love how new and old pieces are so beautifully woven into this stunning outfit. Your makeup also looks great – any thoughts on an everyday makeup tutorial?

    • Thank you Rebecca – the makeup idea is a good one, I will definitely give it a try in the coming year!

    • Thank you Rebecca – the makeup idea is a good one, I will definitely give it a try in the coming year!


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