Coping With Corona

No big smile. No outfit pics. It’s a different world today. Hard to believe that just a week ago I was frolicking on the beach in Naples, Florida, sipping rosé, and wondering where we would be going for dinner and what I would wear…sure, the coronavirus outbreak had already begun, but we were in a ‘bubble’ at a beautiful resort, surrounded by others who seemed equally clueless as to what lay ahead. Looking back to last week I feel somewhat guilty, but we all process information differently. For those that know me, I am not a worrier, nor am I a germaphobe. I also tend to initially react with denial when presented with bad news: Way, way back when I was a pre-teen, Ginger had ‘the talk’ with me, sharing the basic facts of life and that every month I would be getting my period…I did not like what I heard. My reaction? “NO. Not me.” Hahaha.

My denial phase is over. I am managing my nursing business with challenges like never before, working intensely from home, making difficult decisions. Peter and I are staying quarantined except for trips to the supermarket, or to drop off food/supplies to my 87 year old father. It’s only been one week so far and we don’t know how many weeks are ahead of us, so how the heck to cope?? Here’s what’s keeping me sane so far…

  • Be grateful, keep perspective, help others. While it’s no fun being stuck inside for endless weeks, I remind myself every day how lucky I am to be with Peter, in a comfortable home, working in the essential healthcare industry. Multiple check-ins and grocery runs for family, friends, and neighbors are a new routine, especially for the senior set.
  • Exercise every morning. I was not a runner, but I am now. It is no fun at all – but every morning I run a little further, sometimes with Peter, sometimes by myself.  After the run I do about 20 minutes of exercises with weights that Peter has saved since high school.
  • Put on makeup and a proper ‘serious’ outfit every day – including a bra. 🙂 Maintaining a polished, professional image makes me feel good, confident to conquer the world. If I happen to pass a mirror and see that I still look ‘normal’, it contributes to a sense of being in control.
  • Eat healthy, minimal snacking. More than ever I am watching what I eat. No keto. Just lean meats, salads, soup, and Skinny Pop Popcorn as a treat. Staying away from sweets also contributes to a feeling of control – no need to use ‘corona life’ as an excuse to gain weight.
  • Daily tequila, with fresh lime juice. These days call for booze, but not before 5:00 – so far anyway….tequila is the lowest calorie hard liquor, much less calories/sugar than drinking wine. Generally, a two drink limit makes sense…;-)
  • Schedule virtual family gatherings, virtual cocktail hours with friends. We use the Zoom app and it’s a great way to feel like you are together with people. Thinking ahead, we are going to schedule a family singalong, and a virtual birthday party for my dad next week.
  • Music! Whether on Youtube, Pandora, or listening to my son’s recordings, music is uplifting, it is food for the soul.
  • Keep up with hair and nails. You should have seen the look on my face when I heard that they were closing hair salons – WHAT???? Now that I am in the acceptance phase, I have proactively purchased ‘do it yourself’ hair color. I wash and style my hair as usual. Today I gave myself a mani and a pedi. Remember, many women used to do their own nails before salons became all the rage (Ginger always did).

In the days ahead I am sure that there will be new challenges for us to face, yet I am confident in the greater good of humanity that all will eventually be ok.

What’s going to happen to my blog? I don’t want to end it, but posting outfit pics isn’t in my heart these days…funny how something that you love so much can suddenly feel so meaningless. Hopefully the day will come when things go back to normal and we will all be shopping for clothes again…until then I will try to share other ideas that may be interesting or helpful…any suggestions, let me know.

In this unpredictable time, let’s stay connected ladies – let’s support each other in whatever way we can: humor, recipes, good books, etc. – starting with, how are YOU coping?

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  • I am so glad you will continue posting content. My husband and I are both working from home. When I have a zoom conference I always look professional- hair, makeup, the whole thing. You wouldn’t believe how some people look! I realize outfit posts may not be the thing right now, but what about how to do your nails and make them look good, exercise routine, how to jazz up a salad?? I haven’t even been home a full week yet and already I’m sick of salads. Stay well!!

    • Thank you so much Lori, I greatly appreciate your input! Stay well.

  • After a brisk walk earlier this morning, I cleaned out my linen and coat closets, washed all the bedding, purged things to go to Goodwill. These are things I have been wanting to ‘get to’ for quite a while. Spring cleaning? Yes. It’s a great feeling, taking the time to do the things we often want to but don’t get the chance to do. It makes me feel productive.
    I am also grateful to have Healthy family that I’ve checked in on and offered to provide help anywhere it’s needed to neighbors and friends.

    • Thanks for your comment Diana. We are going to have to keep this up for awhile, you should have a very clean, neat house by summer!

  • Candy,
    please keep your posts coming! They are very motivating. Perhaps continue the positivity of eating healthy, working out, not allow Corona to be an excuse to “blow up”, and perhaps share recipes, what to watch, etc….Thank you!


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