Corona Couple

Another day at ‘the office’! Here we are, finishing coffee before heading off to our separate workspaces…”You look nice, honey!” “You do too – see you at lunchtime!” Yup. Every day. :-)

And every single day we both wear a ‘smart casual’ outfit and compliment each other. Yeah, it might sound ridiculously corny, but I do believe that it is uplifting for both of us, and contributes to a feeling that all is not lost…on this particular day I wore a Theory satin skirt with a loose black sweater and JSlide sneakers…could not be more comfortable!

The back of the sweater has a cool lace detail which was fun to wear sitting at a bar in the good ol’ days...;-)

Peter’s pants: Wings and Horns brand, found at the Nordstrom Rack…notice he cuffs the hem and wears the sneakers without socks…it’s hard to appreciate the details of the shirts in these pics, but they are both by JCrew, a textured beige tee under the white oxford cloth shirt…

Other changes since isolation: he’s grown a beard (I love it!) and I’m wearing less eye makeup (no eye shadow, just a smoky liner and mascara)…

As the weeks continue to fly by while we continue social distancing, there are changes occurring that go well beyond clothing styles, makeup and beards…without travel, without parties, without restaurants and bars open, we are living more more simple lives and focusing on true essentials – relationships with our loved ones, cooking, eating, and exercise…no rushing to catch a train, no saying, “Too busy now, on my way out!”, no going weeks without talking to your sister, your son, your dad…. I don’t know about you, but there is a lesson here that I hope never to forget: Sometimes less is more.

Stay well. Dress well. Better days ahead.

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  • I have to be honest- I’ve enjoyed the past few weeks with both my husband and I working from home. We’re eating lunch and dinner together AT THE TABLE!, getting plenty of sleep, & not much stress at all. I won’t lie- I haven’t hated it. You and Peter look fab as always! Love his beard!


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