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Do y’all remember that I was planning a weekend away in Nashville? This would be my first time ever to do a girls weekend – two nights and three days with my sister Shelley, my daughter Hayley, and my niece Dana. I was the only one that had never been to Nashville before, and was honestly not sure if I’d even like it…Hayley and Dana were the ‘Pros’ – Shelley and I were the ‘Deebs’ (silly nickname going back to our teen years, stemmed from ‘Dumb Broad’ – ‘DB’ to ‘Deeb’. ๐Ÿ˜‰

At the Jet Blue terminal at 5:30am

For once in my life I gave up complete control of what we were doing and where we were going. Hayley and Dana actually printed us a day by day itinerary that included ‘suggested outfits’, what to drink when and where, and even when to sober up. Hahaha! Here was the back page of our itinerary:

It’s hard to believe how much ground we covered in just three days! Before I share the highlights let me first say that any skepticism on my part about liking Nashville was gone within the first hour of arriving. I honestly can’t wait to go back!

BEST BREAKFAST: Milk & Honey .  Went here on day one…it is buzzing with energy – a super trendy brunch spot with many yummy options…mimosas, grapefruit brรปlรฉe, and the best shakshuka I have ever had!

Waiting for our table at Milk & Honey

After breakfast we hung out in ‘the gulch’, did some shopping, and took advantage of photo opportunities – of which there are MANY! Gals actually stand in line waiting patiently for their turn to pose in front of various walls of art…this particular one quite popular…

BEST ACTIVITY: The Pedal Tavern. OMG. Picture yourself sitting on an outdoor trolley with bar stools that have pedals instead of foot rests. You and about fourteen others have brought your own wine/beer/cocktails. There is a DJ playing loud, pop music and you are pedaling through the streets of Nashville, singing along and making new friends (except for one dull woman, haha)…

On the Pedal Tavern!

The Pedal Tavern stops once or twice at various bars so you can hop off, check out a country band and get another drink – yeah, just what we needed…the whole adventure is 90 minutes, and at the end everyone gets a photo with their gang…

Hayley tells me that we went out for burgers after this but for the life of me I can’t remember. (Hope I didn’t eat the fries.) We then went back to our room for a much needed nap before going out for a late dinner…

Fast forward a few hours…


At the end of our first night, we went wandering through some souvenir shops on Broadway…I tried on this funny baseball cap, which I did not buy.    But what’s even funnier than the hat? Yup. The woman standing behind me.

BEST COUNTRY BAR: The Honky Tonk!!! We went there twice, always during the day when they play real country music rather than the pop music most bands play at night…the musicians were fabulous, drinks were great, and the people were super friendly…we danced, we laughed, we sang along, we took lots of pictures…

Did I request a song? Of course!!! “Save a Horse, Ride A Cowboy!” FUN FUN FUN!!!

If you go to Nashville, don’t miss the Honky Tonk!

We didn’t want to leave!!!

MY FAVORITE BOUTIQUE: Emerson Grace. When visiting a new area, the last thing I want is to shop in a mall or in chain stores…no worries! Hayley and Dana knew all the neighborhoods that had unique boutiques for fun clothing and accessories at all price points. Emerson Grace was more upscale than most, which of course appealed to me…my purchases here included a couple of blouses, a sweater, and even a new beret! ๐Ÿ˜‰

MOST MEMORABLE SHOPPING EXPERIENCE: Edelweiss.   This boutique is actually on wheels – in a truck! The four of us barely fit inside with the packed racks of clothing and the one tiny dressing room…

But lack of space wasn’t going to stop the DEEBS! We all took turns trying things on, giving each other thumbs up or thumbs down…

At one point when Dana was in the dressing room and I wanted to try a sweater dress on, I just squeezed myself in with her…think the size of a telephone booth…hahaha…as I was getting undressed I heard my sister and Hayley scream – guess the dressing room curtain was too small – I flashed in NASH!

What the heck! Just us girls! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Yes, I bought the dress!

Time to recharge – ready for lunch!

BEST LUNCH: Mas Tacos!   This was a place the ‘Pros’ were very excited about and with good reason – best tacos EVER! A hole in the wall kind of place that has a stellar reputation. Not to be missed.

Nash at night!

MOST MOVING MOMENT: The Randy Travis concert.  On our last night we went to the Ryman Auditorium, the original spot of the Grand Old Opry, to hear a Randy Travis cover concert…(Randy has had a brain hemorrhage so no longer performs)…he was actually sitting on the stage with his wife during the entire show…another talented musician did his songs with his original band while videos of a younger Randy played in the background…we thought ‘Forever and Ever Amen’ was the highlight until Randy stood up at the end to join in a touching performance of Amazing Grace. Just wow.

THE BEST PART OF THE TRIP: Being together and laughing our asses off.  The four of us are all very different from each other, yet we got along so well…Hayley and Dana continuously joked that my sister and I were forgetful – I was just distracted!…I continuously complained – with a few select words – that they were never interested in taking my picture – no pics of my night outfits!! They just kept saying, “Poor Peter…” Hahaha…

BEST PIC OF THE TRIP: With all the great moments we captured, this one has to be the best for the sentiment…it was taken at Five Daughters Bakery, just after we gorged ourselves on ‘100 layer’ donuts – yes, me too – YOLO!

It’s the pink sign in the shop says it all… nothing is sweeter than family!


  • We stayed at the Omni Hotel, a short walk to Broadway, where all the action is!
  • My boots are 20 years old, Guess brand.
  • I found the cowboy hat at Revolve believe it or not! (It’s ‘Charlie Horse’ brand, saw them in Nashville shops) Hat in last pic is by Rag and Bone.
  • At first I was not going to pack a cowboy hat or cowboy boots to avoid looking like a typical tourist – glad I brought them both!
  • My favorite purchase: a fabulous faux brown leather jacket for only $59! My sister bought one too. ๐Ÿ˜‰
Time to go home, Shelley!

If you love country music, yummy comfort food, and a relaxed, casual vibe, then git on yer boots and spend a weekend in Nashville!!!!

Happy Friday y’all!

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  • Loved seeing the pics of your fab girl getaway. Glad you love Nashville. I like it too and we go rather often. I live about 2.5 hours to the south east.


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