Details Matter

Returning from a business trip in New York, my daughter and I were riding home on the Acela, sitting at a table in first class, working away on our laptops. When the attendant came by to offer a beverage, Hayley ordered a sparkling water, I ordered green tea. While I don’t remember the brand, the tea was in a silky triangular pouch. “I love these silky tea bags, they make me feel fancy! Details matter.” My daughter looked at me like I solved world hunger. She loved the sentiment and thought it was a great line. ūüėČ

Details do matter!  They can turn ordinary things into special treats on any regular day.  Later in the afternoon when I was back at home, I felt inspired to make my tea at home more special, even without the silky bag.   Instead of popping my ceramic mug into the microwave, I heated the water then used a china cup and saucer. A whole different experience, and yes, I felt fancy!

Details matter in so many aspects of life, in ways that affect how we feel and how we experience the world around us. ¬† Being a very visual person, visual details are especially important to me, but that’s not where the details end…how about how things sound, how they smell, how they feel to the touch? ¬†How about the details of the words we use to communicate? Aside from having an impact on your personal life, details often make or break a business. ¬†Whether it is a service or a product, it’s often the little details that keep you coming back, or conversely, a negative detail that might turn you off.

While the list of details that matter can be endless, here are ten that I came up with without much thought:

  • Fresh flowers displayed in an interesting vase or container.
  • A cocktail served in a delicate, vintage glass.
  • Mood lighting in your home, especially when entertaining in the evening.
  • An Uber driver whose meticulously clean car also has water bottles in the cup holders!
  • Perfectly tailored clothing.
  • Fancy soap in your bathrooms.
  • Retail shops that use heavyweight bags with fabric handles – or for that matter, even the 10 cent ‘nice’ bags at the supermarket excite me! (I’m a sucker for nice bags)
  • When using disposables: heavyweight plastic plates and heavyweight clear plastic cups ¬†– no paper plates, flimsy plastic plates or red Solo cups!
  • A man wearing a luxurious scarf and leather gloves. (Mmmmm!)
  • A package wrapped beautifully, with unique tissue paper, gift wrap, ribbon, and handwritten card.

    Fresh flowers in one of my favorite ‘antique’ urns.



Now it’s your turn! ¬†What are the daily details that matter to you?

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