Don’t say “expensive”

Clever name for shop in Rome!


Let me start by saying that I don’t like the word “expensive”.   It always seems to lead to a disagreement with my husband.  He is a perfectly reasonable man and completely supports my love of clothes, accessories, beautiful home décor, etc.  When I wear something new he will always take notice and be very complimentary – then he asks, “How much?”     OK ladies – you know there’s always a story!  It was on sale…. you are never going to believe what the full price was… was the last one……I have been looking for this for months…..blah blah blah.

The disagreement is not ever about the cost, it is that I will never say that something is “expensive”.  To me, that implies that it is not worth the cost, and who would ever do that?  I say it is about the V word, not the E word.  The V word is value!

Real life example:  about five years back I purchased a pair of classic black suede waterproof boots that cost more than I had ever spent on boots before (Kate Middleton has them, but that’s beside the point).  In snow, slush, or sunshine, whenever I go out – work or play – I always look chic and my feet are dry and warm.  I have worn them literally hundreds of times!  To me, this is a great value.

Yes, dear husband, I realize there are limits and just because there is “value” in something that doesn’t mean making the purchase is always a wise choice.  Trust that I am a wise woman – I just don’t want to say the E word……..

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  • Then there’s the “D” word..denial! If it makes you happy so be it. Once you buy that first item that you’d never thought you’d spend that much on…there’s no going back short of a 12 step program.


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