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Peter in JCrew 770 jeans, John Varvatos tee shirt
Peter in JCrew 770s, John Varvatos tee shirt

For many women there is nothing sexier than a good looking man in jeans – as for me, I’ll take him in a suit any day, but that’s for another post….What really makes a great pair of jeans?? Is there one brand that’s best? No way……There are endless options which certainly can be overwhelming…..Accept that it does require time to try on different brands and styles until you find what looks most flattering on your body. Before you head out, here are a few pointers along with some of Peter’s favorites….

– First and foremost, are they current? Styles change over the years – just because your jeans from 10 or 20 years ago still fit, does not mean they look good…..no, it doesn’t matter if you are just wearing them to the kids soccer games or to Home Depot – don’t you want to look good always???

Same JCrew jeans, worn with <a href=
Same JCrew jeans, worn with Cole Haan shoes

– Slim fit is a must. I can hear the men protesting, but trust me – baggy is a big fat no…..let me say that slim does not necessarily mean skinny, there are many degrees of slim offered by various brands….start by trying a more relaxed version of the slim jeans. These JCrew jeans are sexy without being too skinny, perfect for the over 40 set…

Levis 511s My favorite!
Levis 511s
My favorite! Worn with Nordstrom’s brand shirt.

– Pay attention to the fabric and “wash”…think beyond the light blue denim of the 1970s and explore the wide range of fabrics and washes that give jeans character….for nights out with your lady, wear a darker wash for a more ‘dressy casual’ look. I love the subtle texture of these Levis 551s!

511s worn with New York To Boot boots, found at Nordstrom Rack
511s worn with New York To Boot boots, found at Nordstrom Rack

– What you wear with the jeans makes a big difference! Day or night, don’t even think of wearing your gym sneakers or a fleece jacket….go for a fashion sneaker, a boot, a moccasin, or a loafer…on top, there are hundreds of options from tailored shirts, well-cut tee shirts, to body conscious sweaters…avoid oversized, bulky, or athletic wear…if a shirt is cut a bit boxy or long in length, don’t be afraid to tuck it in.

Levis 514, a looser fit, worn with John Varvatos sneakers
Levis 514, a looser fit, worn with John Varvatos sneakers
Do these look familiar???
Do these look familiar???
Peter's OLD Levis 505s
Peter’s OLD Levis 505s

These Levi 505s were hidden away under a bed in our guest room….when I saw them, I said, “Wow, I remember when you would wear these doing yard work when we first met!”
“Doing yard work?” he replied, “Heck, I wore these out on dates! When you finish taking pictures of them, feel free to throw them away.”….He only had to say that once. 🙂
Thank you Peter for your time and patience in helping me with this post. XOX

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  • I love Levi’s 505’s…the red tag jeans! As opposed to the 517 orange tag ones. I find them sexy. I like the darker jeans here and will check out J Crew.

    • Chris, I am having trouble breathing after reading that you love the 505s………OMG. Ok, I am trying to be open minded here….maybe it’s because you are attracted to construction workers??? Or guys who go camping? I must go get some air…..haha….thanks for your response, that’s what makes this fun. 🙂

  • LOL! Goes back to my teenage years. When I worked at the gap the only guys who could fit into 505 Levi’s had H bodies…those are the straight legged ones. And on the cover of Born in the USA Springsteen wore a pair..H. And of course my Mark looks good in them as well. To me they are just one of those things it never goes out of style.


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