Elderly Couple

Yessiree, that’s us, we are officially ‘elderly’. Both of us over 60 years old, so defined as being in a higher risk category for the coronavirus. Us, elderly??? Maybe my 88 year old father, but Peter and me??? Fine. Call us whatever you want cuz it ain’t gonna stop us from having fun or from’dressing to impress’, even during a pandemic…

Dressing to impress within reason, of course…putting together a casual outfit with accessories is a huge improvement over sweats or pjs…here I paired a pale blue tee (Banana Republic) with off white jeans (Mother brand), all pulled together with a belt and metallic block heels…

And instead of a navy blazer, this new cashmere hoodie is a perfect indoor topper… now, what is my husband wearing today???

A great spring ‘business casual’ look that is just the right balance of dressed up – yet not overdressed – for Zoom calls…no tie, no blazer, but definitely a collared shirt, and even better when you layer something under or over the shirt…what you especially want to avoid – men and women alike – are clothing pieces that look like any sort of athletic gear…if you could wear it to the gym, save it for after hours…

This navy checked shirt (Nordstrom brand) is a wonderful spring/summer basic…it looks great as pictured with khakis, yet also is great for weekend wear with jeans or shorts…here Peter layered a navy tee underneath…a red or bright yellow tee would be another fun option…

Before closing, let’s go back to that word, ‘elderly’...

Many moons ago I worked with a geriatrician, Juergen Bludau, who is the author of the book, Aging, But Never Old…it’s a fascinating book on how different the aging process can be from person to person. One interesting point from his book that I remember: if you take a group of five year olds they are all going to look similar, that group is considered homogeneous….take a group of seventy year olds, however, and you will see great variety in appearance and health, they are heterogeneous. Much has to do with genetics, much from life choices, and the rest, a bit of luck (or not).

Age is just a number. Elderly is just a word. Live your best life whether you are 18 or 80.

Stay well. Dress well. Better days ahead!

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  • I love this post! You and Peter look like you are in your 40s- I would never consider that elderly. As for dressing to impress- on a zoom call today, I wore a new aqua tunic with white embroidery around the neckline and some new white jeans. Made me think of summer.

    • Sounds so pretty and I bet those colors really popped on the Zoom screen…and for the record, we are in our early 60s! 😉

  • Y’all are definitely not the definition of elderly haha. You guys are amazing! Thanks for always inspiring!


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