Equestrian Style

Of course I did not need another jacket…why the heck was I even poking through the racks at Revolve??? I need absolutely nothing. So why?Because casual browsing is fun, and these days you grab onto any bits of fun you can…but when I tried on this Rag and Bone jacket, it went very quickly from “browsing” to my best purchase of the year! Here is how I styled it for a Saturday afternoon…

Underneath, an ivory ribbed sweater (Theory) with faux leather leggings (Wolford)…

While the jacket looks like you are wearing a vest, it is really all one piece…

The heavy leather vest provides insulation/warmth, the rest is a lightweight wool…

Zip up the body of the jacket under the vest…

And you’re ready to accessorize! This is such a unique piece, I was lucky that it fit me perfectly (size M)….another fabulous detail is the style of the back….

It’s a tailcoat! SO COOL, right??? While most of us think of tailcoats with regard to a type of formal wear, such as tuxedos, the orgin of this style came from designing clothes convenient for horse riding. While you can’t see it in the pics, the print of my scarf actually is a horseshoe theme…:-)

Equestrian style is associated with good taste, virtue, and high class…all sounds good to me! It also stems from more masculine styles, which I personally find very appealing; a woman in riding pants, a tie, or a tweed blazer – great looks to mix in with more feminine pieces…it has a strong Ralph Lauren feel to me and Ginger would have loved it!

Other ways to style this jacket:

  • With tight white jeans and high boots
  • With fitted camel trousers, and a white bow-tie blouse

This serendipitous purchase is my favorite of 2020 – and a bargain at Revolve for only $149! 🙂

What’s YOUR favorite pandemic purchase?

Stay well. Dress well. Enjoy the now.

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