Festive Casual

Heading out with my daughter and grand-kids to ‘Breakfast Brunch with Santa’ – what should ‘Gigi’ wear?

As some of you may remember, one of my least favorite outfits during the holiday season is a red sweater with black pants. To me it is way too predictable and you see it on everyone. But how about a red sweater with white pants? Now that is more in line with standout style. 😉

No, not ‘winter white’, which is another nice option, but true bright white.  White jeans are not just for the summer!  These are by AG, a super skinny fit which is perfect for tucking into boots or booties as seen here…the wool sweater is by Lucky Jeans…it’s an orangey red which is flattering with olive skin tones…there are so many different shades of red which can hugely affect whether a color looks good on you.  When you see a color you think you like, hold it up to your face – your initial reaction of NICE or AWFUL is usually a good indicator!

A chunky Burberry scarf is a perfect addition, and also keeps you toasty…now what to wear for a jacket?

How about a  gold puffer poncho! ‘Festive Casual’ has been fully achieved!  Almost ready…

Carrying a handbag with a poncho can be tricky – what works for me is to wear a cross-body bag under the poncho. Your hands are free and you have easy access to your wallet and cellphone…

For a final festive touch: green aviators, these by Michael Kors.

What’s your ‘go to’ festive casual outfit?

Maybe you like a red sweater with black pants??? 😉    If so, how do you make it look stylish and fun? 

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