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Hubby getting alterations on a new suit....
Hubby getting alterations on a new suit….

For all you ladies as well as the men in your lives, I need to once again share a very valuable lesson I learned from Ginger: you must visit a tailor on a regular basis to look your best. MUST MUST MUST. See my previous post from last January:
At that time I was saying “treasure your tailor”, but what I have learned is that many of you don’t have one and most resist going! I see men in ill fitting suits, business women with their pants dragging on the ground, baggy clothes that look so sloppy and unflattering…… Why??? You go to the cleaners – you go to get a haircut – this matters just as much. Think of the time and money spent in nail salons – what the heck is the point of a perfect French manicure when your clothes are not tailored??? Face it – most off the rack clothes will not fit you perfectly because we are all built so differently! Buy a jacket that fits you well in the shoulders then have it nipped in the waist if it’s too wide, shorten the cuffs if too long…..A good retailer will have a tailor onsite for your purchases, but don’t neglect the older clothes in your closet, or the great things you find at TJMaxx and other off price stores…..

LKBennett dress
LKBennett dress

Dress above I purchased this year at LKBennet, an English label that offers great pieces for business or daytime occasions….it fit me beautifully except for some extra fabric in the shoulder area…the day after I bought it off to my tailor I went, a simple alteration that made a big difference…… found a great suit at Revolve, perfect fit except the sleeves were a little too long……went straight to my tailor before even going home. These details are what can make a man or a woman go from looking ‘good’ to looking “WOW’……. Ok, how to find a tailor??? Ask your friends, ask the women in nice boutiques, salespeople or customers!….If you live in the Belmont area, Jacques Tailoring is the best, I trust them with anything! Delightful and talented husband and wife team, not only do great work but will also offer valuable advice. Located at 8 Trapelo Rd, 617 489-3603….yes, they are a bit pricey, but well worth it for your nicer items. Looking for a less costly way to take care of simple hems or cuffs? Many dry cleaners have a seamstress on staff…..give one a try!

straight leg pants hemmed to ankle
straight leg pants hemmed to ankle

Ladies, if you wear pants in a ‘Business Casual” setting, with a straight leg you can’t go wrong because it won’t be dragging on the ground and you can wear a flat or a heel. Please please please, no flared bottom pants dragging on the ground! And if you do the hem yourself, iron the seam and cuff for a crisp finish.

Me, basic black Equestrian pants, arche shoes
Me, basic black straight leg pants, Arche shoes

WELLLL??? Have I convinced anyone yet??? Will you seek out a tailor???

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  • Absolutely! I do most of my own hems & alterations, but would use a tailor for something like shortening a coat, for example. Many young women don’t even own irons, I doubt if alterations even occur to them, same goes for young men.

    • OMG! How can you not have an iron! Good for you that you can do some alterations yourself. There is also something relaxing about doing work with a needle and thread…..:-)


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