Fit After Fifty

Certified to teach Zumba!
Certified to teach Zumba!

Ginger always said, “don’t get fat”.   Probably stemming from her being significantly overweight as a teenager,  she didn’t want her two daughters to get fat.  Funny, though, that we were never encouraged to exercise, never really saw either parent exercise (my father was naturally slim), and meals always consisted of foods high in carbs, plenty of butter, lots of great desserts.  Armenian mothers love to see their children eat……a lot…….but “don’t get fat”.

Being one of the high school drama club types, I was never athletic, and have never had any interest in sports.  NEVER exercised.  Lucky to have good genes, I never had a weight problem – would certainly not win a fitness contest, but I wore bikinis with confidence and didn’t even own a bathroom scale.  In my 20s, in my 30s,, in my 40s………

Fast forward to age 52.  Sitting out in the sun in my backyard wearing shorts and a bathing suit top – what the heck was this extra thickness around my waist?? Do I have a roll???  I decided to take charge and try a local gym, do whatever they say I should to lose “a few pounds”…..when I went for my evaluation, they showed me around the facility and finally put me on the scale…..Scale broken.  I know that’s not what I weigh……..Oh, great, you have another scale downstairs…….WHAT?…..scale not broken.

I signed up on the spot.  They told me how I would feel so much better, have more energy….they must have thought I was nuts because I said very firmly, “I already feel great – I have plenty of energy – I am only doing this to lose weight and look better.”

Three years later, this woman who never exercised in her life now does weight training twice a week, Zumba 4-5 times/week, and is in better shape  than I ever have been.  Lost about 15 lbs  and recently became certified to teach Zumba.  After I received my certificate I immediately called my kids and husband – crying like a fool because I was so happy and proud of myself.




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  • What an inspiration!
    Thanks for sharing. You always make me feel better about myself! Love you from Nebraska!


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