Gigi and The Kiddos

When I wear an outfit that feels ‘post-worthy’, I generally take photos at the beginning of the day, when I have the most energy and when my makeup is fresh…on this particular day – when I traveled to my ‘real’ office – there was no time for that, so pics of the Nashville inspired outfit would have to wait until the end of the day…no big deal, except when I got home, there was a welcome surprise – a couple of little kiddos waiting to play with Gigi!

“Hey guys! I’m so glad you’re here to play and have supper with us! Gigi just has to take a few pictures first and then we can all play a board game…” Without taking off my coat, I quickly set up my camera and ring light….

Off comes the hat and coat with no time to fix my hair…

As I rush to take a few basic photos with the facial recognition app, the kids are mesmerized…”Can we try?” “Of course!!! Come on over and strike a pose!”

The grandkids: Emily, 4yrs old, Henry, 6 yrs old

And the fun began…

Serious posing and silly posing – they loved it all…if only I had chosen their outfits…;-)

It’s funny how hamming it up and posing for pictures can be as much fun as any board game!

Guess they take after their Gigi! :-)

Outfit details: Nashville inspired, a creative casual look perfect for 2020…the black pleated skirt is an oldie by Rag and Bone, the sheer plaid shirt is from Revolve, by Zadig and Voltaire, the belt is an old favorite and the boots are new this year by Ralph Lauren…the leopard faux fur (brand is Pretty Little Sister) I found a few years back, but you can find very similar looks everywhere these days, at all price points…

Rag and Bone hat

Ok, one last pic and it’s a wrap! Maybe not my best photos, but at least we had fun…maybe next time I will pick out their outfits and make it all about them! Yes??? :-)

Stay well. Dress well. Enjoy the NOW.

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One Comment

  • Love the photos of your little grandbabies. How adorable!!
    And I only wish I looked that nice at the end of MYwork days.


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