Can you relate???
Can you relate???

GOYA – no, this is not about beans – GOYA: Get Off Your Ass! Respectfully speaking, it will do you good!!! I can’t tell you how often I hear from friends and colleagues, “I’m so tired”, or “Where do you get your energy?” People that go home from a day at work to dinner and sofa time….would not consider going to the gym, meeting up with a friend, or taking a class in the evening…..

First let’s assume you are in basic good health. Second, let’s assume you are middle-aged, just to keep things even-steven……..Let me now go back a few years….in my twenties and thirties – a time in life when we are considered young and full of energy – I remember going to work, then spending every evening on the sofa, in front of the TV, sometimes reading a book. No exercising, no dancing, no pursuit of hobbies other than an occasional art class. Wow. When people talk about ‘regrets’ in life, that would be my one – wasted time when I was younger…….well, I have been making up for it for quite a few years now and it feels great….community theater, zumba, tango dancing, swing dancing, weight lifting, blogging……. The SECRET is simple: you must make up your mind and give yourself a little push. You MUST start with the push – it is actually a Law Of Physics; Isaac Newton, 17th century scientist wrote the ‘Law of Inertia’: ‘An object at rest will remain at rest unless acted on by an unbalanced force’. This means there is a natural tendency for objects (or people) to keep doing what we are doing.

Once you get yourself started – whether it be exercise or a hobby – you will feel more energetic simply by being engaged in something you enjoy, by learning something new, by meeting new people, making new friends….this is what life is all about. When you are passionate about something, you lose track of time, it clears your mind, it contributes to personal growth, it is healthy. I think it even makes you look better…….

Some tips toward the first push:

– Sometimes it will be scary; you are leaving your comfort zone. Recognize that and do it anyway.
– Don’t use working late as an excuse – fit in in your schedule. A well-balanced person is a more effective person at work.
– Spouse not interested? Go anyway. It’s alright to have separate interests.
– Cold outside? Rainy night? Snowing? No excuses. Wear your boots.
– Remember that life can change in an instant – get out and be active while you have your good health.
– As you face your fears (or just want to stay under the blanket) – remind yourself of the multitude of benefits: joy, maybe weight loss, maybe new friends, maybe a new source of income.


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