Helping Your Man Dress

Dad in Burberry jacket
Dad in Burberry jacket

Let’s be honest – the average American man is not known for being well dressed. In the conservative Boston area where I live this is especially true – sorry guys!! And I know there are exceptions! But on average, what you will see are ill fitting clothes, baggy pants, too many chinos, dull outerwear, overly casual, etc, etc…….would you like your man to dress better? Does he want to dress better? What did Ginger do?

Ginger dressed my dad. Not helped him – she picked out absolutely everything – and he LOVED it. He loved it because he had no preferences of his own and he enjoyed the regular admiration of people in both business and social situations. For menswear, Ginger always liked traditional, conservative styles, but never afraid of bold color. A fan of Brooks Brothers, Ralph Lauren, and Burberry, as seen in photo above of my dad in 2002. I remember a glen plaid suit, cuffed grey flannel pants, button down pink oxford shirt, real cordovan loafers, lobster print bathing trunks, red plaid wool pants at Christmas, the list goes on and on…..he learned a lot over the years and came to truly appreciate the value of dressing well. As an 82 year old widower today, he is still impeccably dressed!

Let’s now talk about my husband – no, no, no, I do not dress him – but a big YES – I help him, and he LOVES it. Who wouldn’t love getting WOWs from their wife or girlfriend that they looked sexy/fabulous/amazing, etc! Before I met him he was not a sweatshirt/baseball cap kind of guy, but he wore his clothes too big, did not know fabric quality, was stuck in old styles of shoes and outerwear……he recognized my flair for style and in time would ask for my advice….as we got more comfortable together I would offer it when I saw the right moments…”you would look really great in more slim fitting jeans”…..”scarves on men are sexy, not just to be warm”, etc, etc…..

See recent example below during the holiday season…..I was out Christmas shopping in Boston, saw a great shirt in JCrew that I thought would be perfect on him for casual holiday parties. Sent him a text, asked if he liked it….”YOU LIKE THAT?” was his reply – I think he was thinking of a major retailer in Maine (not that there’s anything wrong with it….haha). I said I loved it, he was willing to try it, and it was a total success – worn with a black cashmere sport jacket, slate gray fine cords, and dressy brown leather boots. Comfortable, festive, upscale, sexy!

TEXT of J Crew shirt
TEXT of J Crew shirt


Does your man dress well? Do you help him? Would you like me to share more tips for men?
Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts!

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