JLo and The Invisibility of Middle Aged Women

After JLo’s half-time performance at the Super Bowl, social media and newspapers have not let up on discussing her act – some disagreeing on whether the performance was too risqué, others simply in complete awe of how a woman could look this amazing at the age of 50, an age when many women claim to feel ‘invisible’. Let me first get out of the way that I LOVED her performance (as well as Shakira’s). It showed raw talent, athleticism, confidence, high energy, and amazing sexiness – none of which, in my opinion, are anything to hide because it’s a family show. But – what I really want to address is the widespread amazement that she can look this fabulous at the age of 50.   

  • She is ONLY 50! Just a year ago she was in her forties – not exactly in the old age home yet. There are even women over 60 and well beyond  who stay fit, are active, and are not afraid of expressing sexiness. 50 is not old.
  • Invisibility is preventable! Many women let themselves go as they age and/or become mothers, leading to these feelings of ‘invisibility’…some may on some level actually like this ‘crutch’ because it takes the pressure off, and all the better if your friends are ‘invisible’ too, wearing Eileen Fisher tunics, stretchy leggings, and comfy flat shoes …Now what did JLO do at the Super Bowl? She went and shattered this concept – if she can look this good, that means that it is possible??? Yes, it absolutely is. All it takes: ongoing EFFORT.
  • Sexy comes in many different shapes and sizes, and it’s ok at any age.  All women are different! Some might feel sexy in a soft silk blouse with jeans, while others may prefer black leather shorts and high heels. Some women are more naturally attractive/sexy, and some of us work harder at it. And completely aside from physical attributes – who can deny that confidence alone is a huge factor? It’s really a personal choice whether a woman likes or wants to dress in a provocative way, either subtly or blatantly. The bottom line – if it makes you happy, age is no reason to stop. And if you are lucky, like JLo, you can even get sexier with age!
  • She’s a PRO! Results come from hours and hours of work on a consistent basis. Not only is JLo naturally beautiful, but she is a professional performer.  That means lots and lots of practice every day, lots and lots of professional support every day, and LOTS of exercise. I’m 100% sure that it took plenty of time for her to master the pole – sure wish my gym had one so I could give it a try! 😉
  • There are tricks of the trade! When you get dressed for a party, maybe you wear Spanx? It may not have been obvious, but don’t kid yourself, there were likely several tricks of the trade to help JLo look fab – hair extensions for one, and I’m pretty sure she wore ‘luxury support stockings’ to help those toned legs look perfectly firm and glowing…once when I was buying tights in a Wolford shop, I was told which ones Beyonce wears on stage – they said she actually wears two pairs at a a time…believe me, they are super flattering!

So ladies, JLo is no freak of nature. She is a beautiful, middle-aged woman who takes great care of herself and works very hard. I think she’s a great role model for young women, and an inspiration to young and old mothers -and grandmothers – alike.


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  • I agree with most everything you said. Although I felt the performance was too risqué and in poor taste for a family show. The pole dancing and numerous crotch shots, in my opinion, put it over the edge. Is this what we want our young daughters to aspire to? Yes they are uber talented, beautiful and fit however, the show could have been done with more class and good taste. I think they could have had a super show without those overtly sexual aspects,


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