Let It Go

From Disney movie, 'Frozen'
From Disney movie, ‘Frozen’

With spring just around the corner, it’s time to go through last year’s spring and summer clothes, try them on, decide what to keep, what to get rid of……holding onto things that you don’t really love or that never fit right just clutters your closet and makes it harder to get dressed…..but the act of purging is NOT an easy task…..”I paid a lot for this”….”There is nothing wrong with it”….”It’s in good condition”…..”It was a gift”…..”I might lose weight”…..etc, etc…..
You have probably heard the beautiful song from the Disney movie, Frozen, ‘Let It Go’.
That’s want I want you to hear singing in your head when you are trying to hold onto that jacket that you never wear or that skirt that you are never comfortable in – LET IT GO! No guilt. You can offer items to a friend/relative, take them to a consignment shop, or donate them to charity. It is liberating and a win-win for all. I started my spring purge with the items below:

Tory Burch cardigan
Tory Burch cardigan

There is absolutely nothing wrong with this fine wool Tory Burch cardigan. I just don’t feel great when I wear it. Maybe it stems from the fact that in my horrible passport photo I was wearing this….who knows, but I want to love everything I wear – my daughter was thrilled to scoop this up, so that was easy!

Free People cotton lace mini skirt
Free People cotton lace mini skirt

Why did I buy this, I ask myself? We all make mistakes….I thought I would wear it with leggings and flat boots, but it just sits in my closet as I choose more sophisticated casual wear for day or night…..another happy recipient, my niece Dana was glad to take it off my hands.

Ginger's Burberry jacket
Ginger’s Burberry jacket

Here was a tough one that had sentimental value – my mother’s Burberry suede jacket….how can I get rid of BURBERRY? Ginger loved it! It’s a classic! – all of these things were running through my head….then I asked myself, “Would I buy this today?” And the answer was a clear NO. I like suede, and I love Burberry, but I do not like the style of this jacket – I LET IT GO! (It was very close to being at Revolve, but my daughter grabbed it, maybe for sentimental reasons….)

Banana Republic pants
Banana Republic pants
BR skirt
Banana Republic skirt

Another tough decision was getting rid of both the blue/gray pants and skirt, while keeping the jacket….at my absolute thinnest I bought these items, and they still fit, but they just fit – I had to be honest with myself that they are just not comfortable, and comfort is a must. Hello Revolve…

Gorgeous leather dress at Belmont Center Revolve
Theory leather dress at Belmont Center Revolve Size 4, a steal at $99

After spending a couple of hours going through my closet, I headed over to Revolve in search of only work clothes…….I found this gorgeous dark brown leather dress, fit me perfectly – BUT – too short for work….in the dressing room photo above you can see that I was too lazy to remove my leggings and boots, but I could tell that the length was a good three inches above my knee – fine for weekend wear, not work appropriate for my work environment.   I LET IT GO. :-(

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  • Last August I turned all my hangers around in my closet. When August 2015 hits I will let go of all clothes on hangers that have not been turned back around.


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