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Weekly Polish
Weekly Polish
Dark Dahlia
Dark Dahlia

Let me start by saying that Ginger rarely went to a nail salon, but always, always, always had her nails and toes painted – and she did a beautiful job herself at home. I remember her favorite color in the winter/fall season was Revlon’s “Foxy Brown”, which was a warm brick red color, then she favored hot pinks and oranges in the summer…..
While I love the finished look of a beautiful manicure and pedicure, I am not the kind of gal who enjoys the so-called pampered, “relaxing” experience. If I could only drop off my hands and pick them up later! Haha….Just can’t stand to sit through the tedious process and my free time is limited, would much rather be doing other things….(shopping, Zumba, etc)…….I am happy to do my own mani/pedi at home, but the frustration is always that nail polish chips so quickly and that looks awful. UNTIL NOW!!! New VINYLUX Polish by CND (same company that makes Shellac) truly lasts a whole week (at least) without chipping – simple to apply, no special drying machine, comes off easily with nail polish remover, AND leaves your nails strong and healthy! I bought four bottles on Amazon for only $6 each: Dark Dahlia, pictured above, almost black; Romantique, similar to OPIs Sweetheart; Wildfire, a true red I haven’t tried yet; and the Top Coat. Such a great find for the woman who may not relish the Nail Salon experience….Are there any out there like me????

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  • Going to disagree with you on this one!
    The color is only part of it…
    The cuticle care is key to attractive hands and nails.
    I agree, time spent is the chair is boring, but unfortunately really needs to be .

  • I agree I hate waiting in a chair especially when the salon has no tv and I don’t need the pampering. As for my skills on doing my own nails, my husband used to say looks like you did them with a paint roller. The new nail polish sound great and will pass on.

  • Thank you! I have been using Revlon Colorstay which lasts UPTO a week and is a pain to get off. Do you always use a top coat with it?


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