My TV Debut!

On the set with Yolanda September 10, 2014
On the set with Yolanda
September 10, 2014

For those of you that live in the Boston area, you probably have heard of Yolanda, the dynamic and glamorous businesswoman who owned a high end boutique and bridal shop in Waltham for many years….while she closed her shop, she is still going strong and very active in the community supporting good causes and working as a fashion consultant…..our paths have crossed many times at various events… forward to the produce department one Saturday afternoon at Star Market….as I am grabbing a bag of kale I look up – “Hey! We meet again!” (She looks like a Hollywood star…) As we exchanged hellos, she commented on my recent blog photos and asked what was new….earlier that week I had done a presentation on style/image at a local assisted living community and with my uncontained enthusiasm, shared a bit about it….”You should be on my show!!”, she said, and so it began….

What the heck am I going to wear????? After much thought and outfit trials for Peter, I decided on an ‘edgy glamorous’ look – actually brought a few choices and Yolanda suggested I do a quick jacket change to show different looks……What if I freeze with nerves??? Yes, I do have theater experience, but that is a character with a script – it is way scarier to be ME. Turned out that I was fairly relaxed, Yolanda was warm and welcoming and once I start talking about style I was lost in the passion! What would I change if I did it again??? Bolder makeup!!! Everyone knows that I wear pretty heavy makeup compared to the average gal, and I did turn it up a bit this day – well, obviously not nearly enough! Who is that pale woman???? Anyway, it is a 30 minute interview, if you just watch the first 5 minutes you will learn about the start of Ginger-Bred….thank you so much for checking it out, I hope you will enjoy!

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  • Dear Candy!
    You are an inspiration now and in my mind , you always have been! I remember our days at Mt. Auburn Hospital… you were always so stylish but most of all professional as you helped us move our patients to the next level of care! It has been great to reconnect at MGH.. looking better than ever and right there to assist!
    I congratulate you on this endeavor! Can’t wait for the next blog and I’m going to GOYA or shall I say GOMA! :)
    Take care and talk soon,

    • Thank you Kathleen – you have always stood out as a polished professional to me! Appreciate your kind words.


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