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September means back to school for our kiddos, and this year, back to the office for many. Whether your work will require a hybrid schedule or fully back in the office, you might be wondering what ‘new normal’ styles seem right. Even prior to 2020, most of us would routinely update our wardrobes this time of year to feel fresh and current – whether or not you follow trends. This year is a whole different story – people’s habits have changed, and one habit is how we dress.

If you read my previous post, Bucking The Casual Trend of Society, you know that the very laidback look is something that I do not embrace, not for work or for play. This does not mean that I have not made some subtle changes in how I dress – it’s important year after year to keep an open mind with your style in order to look current and relevant, especially if you are over 50. And no, that is not an ageist comment, it is simply a reality that you can easily get stuck in a certain decade…topic for another day!

So – what are the subtle changes that I have made, post-pandemic? Primarily the changes are in the workplace: where previously I was mostly conservative/professional head-to-toe, now I add at least one element that is more casual, edgy, or fun…

Here is an example of my pre-pandemic business style…sheath dress, blazer, high heels. Nothing wrong with it at all, but today I would likely wear a lower block heel, a fun necklace instead of the scarf, and maybe add a belt…

Here is an outfit from this summer that’s more of a 2022 vibe: instead of a blouse or collared shirt, a ribbed cotton tee under the blazer, fun layered necklaces, and casual booties.

Here’s a real 2022 look! This is one of my favorite summer outfits for 2022 office attire…taking a fun linen top and adding it to black and white basics…the belt and necklace add just the right amount of polish to make it completely appropriate for a work setting, yet not at all dated or predictable. A businesswoman over 50 or 60 need not look boring. Think of it this way: creative outfit signals a creative mind. 🙂

So! Here we are at the end of September and I for one have not started fall shopping yet…on one hand that’s ok because the weather is still warm and with a closet full of great basics I don’t really “need” much at all…but we know it isn’t about “need”, right? It’s all about adding pieces that will coordinate well with what we have and adding pieces that ‘spark joy’!

What I will be on the hunt for:

  • Tops/blouses/sweaters that are fun on their own, to wear without a blazer.
  • Anything leather! Faux or real, love both.
  • Skirts with movement, as an alternative to slim pencil skirts.
  • Prints, stripes, patterns! Good to break up all the solids.
  • Fun boots. Because they can make your whole outfit!
  • A colorful coat. Something that will pop over black basics.

What’s your post-pandemic style and what are YOU on the hunt for? Would love to hear!

Work hard. Play hard. Enjoy every day.


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  • I am loving dresses or skirts with movement! I would also love some funky new shoes to add some height to my frame.

    • Skirts that move make me feel happy! Sounds crazy, but true! Funky shoes sound like a fun addition!


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