Professor Costas

013 No, Peter is not really a professor, but that’s what someone called him the day he wore this combination to work…..very collegiate, business casual, and relaxed sophistication…..the look starts with the Ralph Lauren shirt and tie purchased in NYC when we were out shopping together…..when I suggested them, Peter was not instantly convinced, but as always, was willing to try….once he put on the shirt, he was instantly hooked……it is his first shirt with a contrasting white collar, and first with cufflinks….025 The shirt is a slim fit which makes all the difference in keeping the look current and not sloppy….beware that some brands have a so called ‘slim fit’ but they can still be quite boxy – you must try them on to see what fits best on you.022 The navy cardigan is merino wool, The Men’s Shop at Bloomingdales label…while it may seem like an easy basic, it is not as easy as it looks….many cardigans (like shirts) are made too long and/or too wide, making you look like you should be in a rocking chair with a cup of tea…even if you are not super trim, avoid the baggy grampa sweaters….keep trying different brands until you find the right fit….when you do find a cardigan you like, always button up in the center, but leave the top and a couple at the bottom unbuttoned – more relaxed, less geriatric…..018 Peter found these John Varvatos tropical weight wool pants  at The Nordstrom Rack in Burlington, the shoes from Cole Haan.  Now – get a load of the socks – I love them!  Of course I do, I bought them, haha…..when a fellow wears interesting socks you know that he is paying attention to style……there are so many fun options, including ‘Psycho Bunny’ socks – check them out!026 No, wearing glasses was not an intentional fashion accessory – recovering from an eye infection meant no contacts for a few days – works for me!

So, Professor Costas, do I get an ‘A’?


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  • I noticed all the guys’ socks in my afternoon meeting, it was a group discussion without a board table so everyone’s ankles could be seen.

    I have to say, I was actually impressed with all their sock choices.


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