Return of The Jumpsuit

Ducci jumpsuit (yes, Ducci, not Gucci!)

Have you ever worn a jumpsuit? Maybe back in the 70’s? If my memory is correct, my last jumpsuit – worn as a teen – was forest green and strapless…I wore it with high wedges and thought I was one hot shit. Hahaha. Here we go again!

When I tried this on in a SoHo boutique, it was an immediate winner! Comfy as pajamas, definitely standout style and it made me feel so TALL!!! With it’s unadorned simplicity I knew that it could easily be dressed up or dressed down…on this particular occasion I dressed it down with a wide tan belt and tortoise shell hoops…

Other accessories: my ever-growing collection of fun bracelets and a crinkly pewter clutch…now what about a jacket/wrap?

My trusty Chan Luu!

Functional and fashionable!

A fun detail about the bottom is that the pant legs are split so there is lots of fluid movement when you walk, or dance – I love clothes with ‘movement’…and another surprise benefit………

Woohoo! When you sit and cross your legs – wow! Feels so sexy, yet because its pants you won’t ever reveal too much!

And finally – it is somewhat bittersweet that I share a pic of these rose colored aviators by Michael Kors…Why? My beloved green MK aviators are deep in sea off the coast of Montauk…a bit too much fun one day on the beach 🙁

The Bottom Line:

  • A jumpsuit is a simple all-in-one outfit that you can style in many different ways.
  • Where would you wear this? Literally anywhere! Out to dinner, to brunch, to a party, to a wedding, daytime or night.
  • Glam up this jumpsuit with gold pumps, bold gold earrings, and a dressier belt.
  • My preference for undergarments: silicone breast petals, and a smooth microfiber thong. If you prefer more support, go with Spanx!
  • Heading to the restroom? Yessiree, you gotta get naked. Fortunately this one has no buttons/snaps/zipper, so you simply pull it down. No big deal! 😉

Happy Hump Day! 🙂

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One Comment

  • Jumpsuits have come and gone several times in my life so far. They never stay in style very long. IMO, it’s because they’re so d*mn inconvenient!


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