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There is a time and place for your ‘cold shoulder’ tops, for your Jack Rogers sandals, and for your maxi dresses – maybe to a backyard BBQ or a night out with friends. But – unless you work in a truly casual setting, the time and place is not to work.

Alice and Olivia jacket, Burberry silk scarf, DKNY pencil skirt
Alice and Olivia jacket, Burberry silk scarf, DKNY pencil skirt

What you wear each day sends a message to the world around you. It affects how you are perceived, your credibility, and can even affect your ultimate success. Especially if you are representing a product or service that is more serious than fun (finance, healthcare, law, etc), your clothes better send a serious message. What does that mean?  Dark or neutral colors, simple styles, subtle jewelry. Sounds boring you say? Need not be boring! This outfit is a perfect example of serious business attire with flair. The jacket has metallic threads, so adds bling on its own – simple gold jewelry and an accent belt added just enough in terms of accessories.


It has been in my closet for years – can’t even remember where I found it, but it was a bargain for sure. If you are a working lady, never pass up a good jacket on sale!


And I am obsessed with belts!  Will never pass up an unusual belt on sale. This one I found at Revolve in Lexington. Basic black top by Wolford.

Chanel slingbacks, Neiman Marcus
Chanel slingbacks, Neiman Marcus


Ok. Now let’s get really serious. These shoes!  Classic Chanel two-tone with an ideal heel for being on your feet all day. Also looks great with cropped trousers, walking shorts, or even jeans.  Ana Adamyan in the Neiman’s Shoe Salon/Boston knew these would be perfect for my feet and that they would be a wise investment. She was right!

Two-toned shoes add instant interest and sophistication to an all black outfit – and they need not be Chanel. There are brands at lower price points that give you the same look – Paul Mayer makes a nice shoe in the $200 range, and I have a pair from Ann Taylor that were under $100! (See them in a previous post).

fullsizeoutput_104e Dressing serious means resisting the desire to wear a necklace every time you have a bare neck. Sometimes less is more. The overall focus should be on YOU, not on your clothes or jewelry.fullsizeoutput_107d

Ready to hit the road, carrying Ginger’s Prada handbag…stylish? Of course. Serious? What do you think???


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