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To my R is Stefanie, the owner of Soleamour

If you follow me on Instagram you may remember that I recently posted about a fun day of shopping and lunch in Andover with friends, with our main destination being – Soleamour! This upscale shop in Andover is much larger than their store in Winchester…it has something for all ages and body types, and we all left with a bag…what’s in MY bag? Glad you asked…:-)

Starting with something different: metallic cargo pants! Super cool, edgy, and unique with a relaxed fit…they were a splurge and not something I “needed” but, heck, I knew that they would be versatile: I could dress them up with heels, or dress them down with sneakers and a tee, as seen in these pics…as much as I love them, there was a downfall! After wearing them only twice, they stretched out significantly...the waist now falls a good 2-3 inches below my belly button, and the crotch is uncomfortably saggy. :-0 What are my options: 1) Try to return them 2) Wear a belt 3) Have my tailor take in the waist…I will go for option 3, will be off to see my tailor as soon as possible.

Next purchase…

Le Jean

High waisted, flare leg jeans, by Le Jean…with a closet full of skinny jeans, straight legs, and cropped wide leg leans, I was on the hunt for a flare leg to wear with high wedges or platform shoes…they are super flattering as you can see, especially considering that I am only 5’3″! Soleamour carries a wide range of denim styles and colors, depending on what YOU may be looking for…


It was a day for denim success…here is a cropped vest that will be fun to wear so many different ways! Over sleeveless tees, with shorts, with jeans, with pants or skirts…it will also give some casual summer dresses a Nashville vibe! Looking forward to wearing it once the weather finally warms up…;-)

It’s always good to update your basic tees, especially white ones…this AMO brand fits beautifully and the fabric is not too thin…great on its own or as a layering piece.

After a solid hour of success we finally ventured out of Soleamour…

These casual pants were from JMcLaughlin, and I have already returned them! As much as I love the print, and they did fit well, they are skinny and tight-fitting, a style that I have enough of…I would prefer to find this print in a shirtdress or in loose, wide-legged pants…

The final purchase of the day (from Soleamour) – a cute little ‘badass’ bracelet! (There are plenty of other word options to suit your preference – blessed, strong, fearless, etc.) Fun to layer with other pieces!

The Bottom Line:

  • When going shopping, it is always good to know in advance what you are looking for. (The jeans, the white tee.)
  • It’s also good to know your budget and allow yourself to splurge selectively, like when you see something special. (the metallic pants)
  • Have a good tailor on hand! Whether it is to adjust the length of a skirt, the cuff of a jacket, or to make a minor alteration – fit is everything!
  • In these blog posts, unless something is a real bargain, I intentionally leave out the price – this is more about inspiring you with style options which can be found at a wide range of price points wherever you may be shopping.

Thank you so much for reading! Glad to answer any questions!

Work hard. Play hard. Enjoy every day.


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