Short Shorts On Women Of ‘A Certain Age’

This is the final topic from ‘strong opinions on the soccer field’. My friend says ‘no way’ to short shorts on mature women, and that certainly means me at 63. Hmmm. Not only do I enjoy wearing shorts casually in the summer, but I also love dressing them up with high heels – horror of horrors, how disgusting! :-0 C’mon ladies, let’s take a closer look at this age-related rule.

Yes, I have wrinkly knees. Most – if not all – women (and men) lose collagen in their skin as they age which contributes to a notable loss of elasticity. My lower arms are wrinkly too. Is this something to be ashamed of, or something to hide??? Should women over 50 all wear long sleeves and skirts below their knees? Nonsense. Each woman should decide for herself what she feels comfortable wearing – if others find it distasteful, well, too bad.

Regardless of how old you are, we all have imperfections! What you choose to do about these imperfections is also a personal choice: 1) Fix them 2) Hide them 3) Embrace them As for me, I am embracing the wrinkly knees – I don’t believe taking collagen supplements will fix it and I’m not about to have ‘knee-lift’ surgery…exercising regularly keeps my legs toned and applying lots of moisturizer works miracles!

It is probably the shorts with heels combo – rather than shorts with sneakers – than many will say this is where they draw the line – that a woman ‘of a certain age’ should not aim for a ‘sexy’ look, sexy looks like that are only for the young gals. Who the heck wrote that rule??? (Actually, Ginger could have written it!) Well ladies, just like we don’t like everything we see young people wearing, everyone will not approve of what you or I may choose to wear. The best part about being mature is that we don’t give a rat’s ass.

Trina Turk shorts styled 3 ways

Now let’s hear from you!!! C’mon, don’t be shy! What’s YOUR opinion?

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  • Yes to shorts. Shorts with sneakers, shorts with loafers, shorts with sandals. I cannot imagine wearing shorts with heels as I rarely wear heels. You look great in everything!!!

  • Candy,,
    at 77 all I wear are short shorts all the time……. longer shorts don’t enhance my appearance , i’m short and prefer short shorts. Although I don’t like the short shorts with heels…. that’s where I draw the line there….

    • Yay Mary!!!! I would love a nice photo of you in short shorts to share as a follow up on my FB page – if you are willing! 🙂


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