Sometimes You Win…

Yup, and sometimes you lose! You plan a vacation or a weekend away and there’s never a guarantee that everything will go smoothly – especially during a pandemic! But when you book last minute because of a great weather forecast, and you book at a luxury resort on the ocean (Chatham Bars Inn), that’s a darn good start, right? Well, this was not the case.

It’s hard to stay positive when one thing after another goes wrong, but believe me, I TRIED. 🙂 Reflecting back at the end of this weekend, I am grateful that Peter and I are healthy and that we get along so well. I am also grateful for tequila and cute outfits….sooo, rather than share the details of our misery (ok, slight exaggeration), I will share some pics and details of our evening outfits…

Night #1, Peter wore a fabulous unlined linen blazer by Ralph Lauren with white jeans and a striped shirt by Cremieux…perfectly nautical and so Cape Cod!

Well, maybe not “so Cape Cod”. Peter said, “Do you realize that I am the only guy on the Cape wearing a sport jacket?” Oh yes I do, and I am glad that I am with him. 🙂

As for me, I wore a silk maxi-dress by Camilla…this unique brand is carried at Saks, yet I happened to find this two years ago at a boutique on Shelter Island…click here to learn more. For shoes, it was either going to be sky high gold platform sandals or these clear lucite sandals with cork block heels (Shutz brand)…though both looked great, I opted for the more subtle choice, keeping the focus more on the dress…

But accessories are a must, and I went all out! While this Julie Miles choker is certainly a statement piece, it was fun to layer it this time with an aqua necklace by Chan Luu…a similar look on the arm with several layered bracelets, and lastly, a silver leather clutch by Eileen Fisher…

Always prepared for cool evenings on the Cape, this old JCrew jacket was just right…a pale blue faded denim would also look nice…I am currently on the hunt for the perfect fit/brand/color…(gotta be just right!)

Night#2: Peter wore a vintage plaid shirt by John Varvatos with slim Ralph Lauren jeans…gotta say that I remember when I met Peter (in 2003), he said that he would NEVER wear “skinny jeans”….;-) Notice also no flip flops, no boat shoes…while boat shoes are great, especially on the Cape, for a more sophisticated look, there’s nothing like a loafer with hardware…

There’s also nothing like the hydrangeas on the Cape! INSANE! How could I resist posing with these, the exact same color as this linen blouse! The blouse brand is ‘Temptation, by Positano’….found years ago at Portobello Road in Chestnut Hill…you can find the line in fine boutiques (yes, pricey) and if you get lucky, occasionally at Revolve!

These colors!!! Reminded me of sno-cones! 🙂 Ok, back to what I wore…

With the pricey pink blouse I wore a Frame denim skirt that I found just two weeks ago at Revolve – yay, mix a splurge with a bargain and it all evens out in the end. 😉 Tan booties make your legs look longer and they are also comfortable for an evening stroll…

One of the highlights of this night? Discovering a bathroom perfect for selfies! No joke.

This was not a highlight of the night. I do not like Adirondack chairs…not now, not when I’m 80. (Add that to the list Hayley.) Despite the menu in my hand, we did not stay.

Ok, I will not go off track to negativity, I will end on a positive note. You win some, you lose some, you live and you learn. Hopefully in the not too distant future there will be more trips. Hopefully – next year? – life will be normal again.

Stay well. Dress well. Enjoy the NOW.

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  • Your maxi-dress was ABSOLUTELY fabulous!!! Breathtaking, Candy! And I loved the more fun and down to earth flirty of your off the shoulder blouse utterly color coordinated with the hyderangea behind you—the phone was an art director’s dream!

    • Thank you for your comments! Both pieces are so much fun to wear – super feminine! 🙂


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