Strong As Ever At 66

It wasn’t that long ago that I had a leg injury that kept me off the treadmill for two whole months. Outside of the gym, people noticed me limping, whether at work or walking on the beach. No fun at all. During that time I went for physical therapy, continued to lift weights, and also used an exercise bike as an alternative to the treadmill…part of me feared that I would never fully heal, but I sure did, and now feel stronger than ever…

What’s my current routine? Five to six times a week, I take an early morning Orange Theory class. It’s hard as hell, but that’s because I push myself to lift heavy and to run fast, most often with a 2% incline…you could certainly do these classes at a less intense level if that’s your choice or if you have orthopedic issues…as for me, if I show up at 6:15am, I’m there to WORK HARD to make progress.

Progress is not necessarily dramatic – it can be as simple as clothes fitting loosely, well-toned arms, or improving performance/endurance. My personal record for running a mile is 10:14 – sixteen seconds better than my previous record in August, yet still a ways to go to be #1 in the over 60 age category…yes, it’s only yourself that you really need to measure up to, but if you have a competitive streak you are bound to compare yourself to others…(I’m catchin’ up to you, Marilyn!)…looking forward to the next benchmark class…

While working out has been part of my life for almost fifteen years, never before was it this often and this intense…this means that good nutrition and adequate sleep are more important than ever…I NEVER skip a meal, and most nights I hit the sack before 9pm to be up at 5am…it might sound overly structured and boring, but there is still plenty of time for fun…

As for meals and snacks, I am eating more these days, always focused on protein and fiber, and NOT avoiding carbs! Lots of chicken, fish, rice, sweet potatoes, cottage cheese, protein waffles, Ezekiel bread…on rare occasions when I cheat it is for a small portion of ice cream or a chocolate chip cookie…up until now I have not weighed my food or counted macros, but who knows, that may be in the months ahead, if only out of curiosity, and I’m sure there’s something to learn…

Whether you are in your 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, or beyond – fitness is a CHOICE, it’s a LIFESTYLE, and especially, it’s ONGOING EFFORT. To live your very best life, I say it’s worth it!!!


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