Summer Makeup and Lash Update

Wearing new bronzing powder, MAC lipstick in Mocha
Wearing new bronzing powder, MAC lipstick in Mocha

When the heat is on, it’s time to adjust your makeup to complement the softer colors of summer.  Time to take a break from deep red and brown lipsticks, and a break from heavier ‘foundations’.  If you have a bit of a tan, nothing looks better than a tinted moisturizer and a light bronzer instead of wearing cheek color/blush.  But which to choose?  While so much will depend on your personal skin tone, here is what works for me:

  • Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer in tan; lightweight yet smooths out uneven colors on your skin; this is one of their bestselling products.
  • Laura Mercier candleglow bronzing powder.  Truth be told, I tried a much pricier bronzer by Sisley-Paris but did not care for it…was way too light for my olive skin, so did not have enough impact.  I returned it (thank you Nordstrom’s) and bought this one at a fraction of the price. It gives you a bronze glow without being too dark or muddy.
  • powder
    Laura Mercier ‘perfecting powder’, Sephora

    Becca highlighter in champagne pop – who could resist that name!  Brushed lightly on the top of your cheeks and on the bridge of your nose and you will glow like a goddess.  ;-)

    Becca highlighter, Sephora
Wearing Laura Mercer creamy lipstick in Creamsicle
Wearing Laura Mercier lipstick in Creamsicle















Ok, now it’s time for a final update on the Rodan and Fields lash serum that I started in early April. (Check out  ‘before’ pics).  I shared my results after six weeks of use, which was “good but not great”.  I was encouraged to continue treatment and be patient. Ok, ok, will continue to apply every night before bed….Well, I am glad I took that advice – after ten weeks I can report that the results are GREAT.  Longer, thicker lashes on the top and bottom, though I only applied the serum to the top.

After 10 weeks, with mascara
After 10 weeks, with mascara
After 10 weeks, no mascara
After 10 weeks, no mascara










Because your lashes are so much better, there is no need to wear layer upon layer of mascara – one thin coat is all you need, which is also a better look in the summer.  My final verdict: truly remarkable and worth the minimal effort and expense.

Glad to answer any questions!

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  • Love your summer makeup! I want to try a highlighter but am kind of afraid. My “makeup” routine is about as simplistic as you can get. I guess you could say my look is “natural”. So a highlighter probably wouldn’t fit in. (The only “foundation” that works for my EXTREMELY oily skin is a minteral powder foundation on top of a oil free primer.) I do a touch of blush, mascara, and lipstick. That is it. I can’t do eye liner to save my life and even my 15 year old niece laughs at my attempts. I would love to try the lash serum and maybe skip a step of my morning routine! Your lashes look terrific!

  • Hi Candy. Your lashes look great. I’ve been thinking of using a serum so I was interested in your results. I went to their website and couldn’t find that exact product. Is this available online? Any help in how to get it would be appreciated. Donna G

    • Thanks Donna! There are two representatives of the product on Facebook:
      Celeste Kiricoples
      Angel Corson
      Good luck!

    • Thanks Lori – definitely give the lash serum a try – I was highly skeptical and I am so glad I did it.

  • Hi Candy , I love your blog & ideas . I recently bought the Laura Mercier candle glow sheer powder # 3 bronzer . Absolutely love wearing this during the summer. I also am I fond lover of MAC lipstick Mocha too. However, when I want a night time brighter lipstick color …. smashbox LA SUNSET is the one for me. Thanks Annette Agave

    • Thank you so much for sharing! I will have to check out ‘La Sunset’!


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