The Perfect Dress

What do you consider a perfect dress? To me it is something I can throw on when I’m in a hurry and know it will look fab. It is a dress that can be dressed up or worn casually. It can be accessorized in different ways and looks good with or without a belt. It’s comfortable. And finally, it doesn’t break the bank. Presenting the perfect dress…

The Susana Monaco turtleneck slit dress! Basic black in nylon/spandex, bought recently at The Hive in Winchester…if I was a full-time blogger I would show you at least six different ways to wear this, but since I am pressed for time, these pics will have to do for now…

On a recent date night I wore this with black high-heeled microfiber booties and a wide studded belt worn low on the hips…very different from this more conservative look with Ralph Lauren boots and a narrow western belt…

Now this is not just any old belt…it is special for one than one reason…it is by Cole Haan with sterling silver buckles, over 25 years old, and it belonged to Ginger. 🙂

I am quite certain that this belt was not a bargain…while my mother never used the term ‘investment piece’, she certainly splurged wisely on items that had everlasting value…speaking of which…

This tweed blazer. A timeless classic with feminine tailoring, by Ralph Lauren. I bought this at a RL outlet store when I was in my late twenties…probably did not spend more than $129 or so…it is now about 35 years old and still looks like new!

A very similar tweed blazer is currently on the RL website for $2150! Classics and quality never go out of style!

The tweed blazer balances the fitted dress and nicely complements the cognac boots…the cashmere blend scarf is a bold equestrian print…an off-white lace scarf would look pretty too…(if I had one!)…

Looking forward to having fun styling this dress in many different ways: with a denim jacket, a fur jacket, a down vest, a leopard belt, high heels, and even sneakers! 😉

How would YOU wear it?

Stay well. Dress well. Enjoy the NOW.

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