Time for the Tree

The day after Thanksgiving has been a longtime family tradition for putting up our Christmas tree. It adds to the festivity of the season and even though it’s a big project, it’s nice to get it up early so you can enjoy it all of December. HOWEVER. Someone wasn’t always enjoying the tree as much as me.  Someone thought our tree was always too small.  Someone always wanted a tree as tall as our room would hold. Well, this was the year Peter got his wish. My daughter Hayley with her family in tow came along to be sure that this wish would come true, that I would not  influence the final choice. (Who, me???)  Ok, ok, I promise to keep quiet!  First things first. What did I wear? This has been the year I have embraced the color red.  After hardly ever wearing it for years I am now enjoying a red sweater, a red dress, red pants, a red skirt, a red hat, red nail polish – and now this red leather vest (Coach) found at Revolve in Belmont.  Love it!  Don’t ask me what changed, I don’t know!   Striped wool sweater by Rag and Bone, Seven for All Mankind jeans, boots by Frye.

Ready to go! Off to Seasons Four in Lexington…

Believe it or not, I did not interfere with the task at hand – finding a REALLY BIG tree…

I enjoyed the experience of this super-festive place through the eyes of Henry and Emily…

When Hayley said with conviction, “That’s the one!” as Peter smiled brightly, we knew we had a winner, and it was time to bring it home.

Hooray! We got an eleven foot tree!

Peter and Brad got the tree inside then realized we needed a bigger stand. Quick run to Home Depot. Then I realized we needed more lights. Quick run to CVS…Several hours later, after Chinese food, Bloody Mary’s, and an explosion of decorating, the tree was up – BUT – the top touched the ceiling…do we leave it as is, and leave off the star or do we trim the top for the star???  Of course we trimmed it!  Star is a must. ;-)

Our biggest tree ever, and quite magnificent if I say so myself.

The best part of all? The smile on Peter’s face every single day. True Christmas joy. Thank you Hayley. XOX

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  • Your tree is lovely. This year, I purchased a mercury glass tree (about 18 inches tall) that lights up. It was originally for a friend but my husband liked it so much, he decided we would keep it and I could just buy her another one. We also have a lovely grape vine wreath with nothing but plaid taffeta ribbon on it for the front door. That’s all we do I’m afraid. I haven’t wanted to do Christmas decor since my grandparents and my beloved mother passed away. So we have contented ourselves with the wreath until this year when our new small tree lit up the foyer. Every evening when I get home I tell my husband, “I’ll turn on the tree!” Perhaps one day I’ll want to do the whole tree thing again, but for now, it’s baby steps.

    • The glass tree sounds so unique and it sounds like you both are enjoying it. Big or small, that’s what it’s all about.


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