Wanna Go OUT?

What a month it has been on top of what a year it already was…just when you think things can’t get worse, they do, and we deal with life one day at a time…now that my sister is recovered from Covid, my father is generally stable, the holidays are behind us, and the decorations are put away, we can finally breathe a sigh of relief…so on this first Saturday night of 2021, I said to Peter, “Wanna go out tonight???”

:-) Of course he said yes, and for a split second I considered not dressing up…it’s cold out, it’s dismal, and I’m sooo tired…

But damn!!! It’s Saturday night! Of course I am dressing up!

Enough of the sweaters, it was time to wear a blazer, it was time to wear a sexy top, and it was time to wear high heels!

The leopard blazer is a unique piece, found in Aspen a few years ago…with a silk, lace-trimmed camisole and faux leather leggings, it was dressed up enough with an element of fun and edginess…

Yeah, channeling my inner Carole Baskin!

Ok, now before we get to the handbag, let me tell you that it was somewhat of a shock to wear such high heels after months in flats and mid-heels…you walk differently and they sure slow you down a bit! But – much to my delight – it took no more than ten minutes to get used to them again and I loved how they ‘elevated’ the outfit…

The sequin crossbody handbag is by Moyna, found at Sole Amour in Winchester during the holiday season. Fun, fun, fun!

So this is what I wore on the first date night of 2021…we went to a local favorite restaurant in our town and it was nearly empty…we didn’t even attempt to sit in the deserted bar are, we sat at a regular table with hardly any others in sight, with dividers all around us. How was it? It was ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL.

You might remember that I wasn’t saying this a few months ago, but now: I am simply grateful to be able to go out with my husband. To be waited on. To be dressed up. To be relaxed enough knowing that my dad is stable. Perspectives have certainly changed. Ain’t life funny.

Stay well. Dress well. Enjoy the NOW.

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  • Happy to hear your sister is recovered and that your father is “on the mend”.
    Happy New Year!

  • So happy to hear your sister has recovered and your dad is much improved. My brother-in-law is on day 8 of his battle. Scary stuff. So glad you enjoyed your night out with Peter.


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