What are you thankful for?

My daughter's pre-thanksgiving party
My daughter’s pre-Thanksgiving party, 2012


Hard to believe that the holidays are upon us again!  Here is a photo taken last year at my daughter’s apartment – Ginger would have been proud of her creativity.  Love the chalkboard messages, especially “what are you thankful for?”  Just saying that makes me feel good and reminds me of all there really is to be grateful for…here’s my top ten, in no particular order:


A job I love

Sincere friends

A cozy home

Great local restaurants

Good health

An amazing husband

Regular vacations


Beautiful music

What are YOU thankful for?



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One Comment

  • Right now I am thankful for you sharing your genuine spirit! Oh, and for the picture of Hayley’s creative thankful display (can I borrow that one?!) Enjoy the holidays.


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