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When I learned that my nephew Michael’s wedding was at 2pm, and the reception was at 5:30, one of the first things I thought was how can I possibly stay in one outfit for that long?  (And what do we do for two and a half hours?)  We would need to leave our home by 11:30am to get there on time, and the festivities were expected to last until 11pm!  High heels for almost 12 hours? Yikes!  So what’s a gal to do???   She wears two outfits!  One for the church, one for the reception.  Freshen up, relax a bit, and change clothes in a local hotel room.  Perfect!




But first, this is the pre-wedding outfit; what I wore when I headed over to my sister’s to do her makeup. A Rag and Bone striped tee and denim shorts, officially the first outfit of the day…;-)




Then it was time for me to glam it up, complete with false lashes and hot pink lipstick!  This Helene Berman hat is over 20 years old –  it’s very Audrey Hepburn – esque, don’t you think?

The suit is Nanette Lepore, found a few years back at Revolve. Added pearls, a Chanel pin, a taupe sleeveless top, and black suede pumps.  Worn with a lower heeled nude patent pump (and no hat) it’s also a perfect summer business suit.

Worn to work this week!

Truth be told, I actually prefer it worn as seen above, with a black top and nude pumps. Ok, back to the wedding….

Sitting with my handsome hubby in church…What he wore was pretty special too, actually even more so than me…

Peter found this sport jacket in Palm Beach, Florida at Cremieux, bought after we each had a few cocktails on a rainy day!  It is unlined, in a super fine tropical weight wool.   The slim-fit cotton pants are by JCrew, shoes by Magnanni, found at The Rack.  No socks. 😉  The white buttons and double breasted style are something new for him – I think it takes his dashing style to a whole new level!

As for me, here is a true party dress!  It is Halston (their Heritage line), a bare backed halter in ivory cotton with black trim…feminine, flirtatious, and easy to dance in…worn with black satin sandals by Stuart Weitzman.  As for accessories, I kept it minimal – crystal drop earrings and a simple gold bracelet.  A hot pink cashmere wrap added a fun, finishing touch and a pop of color…notice that I am not wearing the wrap over both shoulders which screams ‘old lady’!   Always let it drape off at least one shoulder. 😉

You may be surprised to hear that I did not go shopping for ‘a dress for the wedding’ – I never do that. When I go shopping (yeah, often), if I see something I really love and it’s bargain, I will buy it, knowing that an occasion will come up for me to wear it.  When I tried this on last year at Revolve I immediately loved it!

And –  even though I am 60 – I plan on always wearing a party dress to weddings – suits may be beautiful, but who wants to dance in a suit???    And did we ever dance!  After dinner we were the first on the dance floor and we never sat down until we left, around 10:30pm.  Once we left, I peeled my lashes off in the car, took out my contacts, and kicked off my shoes.  At home, hit the sack in a flash.  In the morning – oh boy – is it my age?  I was barely able to walk straight I was so stiff head to toe.  Peter cracked up and snapped this pic…


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  • I love both of your outfits (I can’t pick a favorite!) and Peter looks so dashing I’m glad you all had a fabulous time and danced the night away. Thank you for sharing your pics with us!!


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