What’s Your Pet Peeve?

pet-peeves-emily-mcdowell Even if you are the most patient, kind person in the world, certainly there are things that get on your nerves, things that drive you crazy! I actually remember some of Ginger’s pet peeves: women that removed their shoes at a wedding, women that drank beer (haha), and when people hung pictures on the wall “too high”. There were more for sure, but the time is now, so here are my top 7 pet peeves in no particular order:

  • The overuse of the word ‘like’.  Have you noticed?  Have you heard how often and improperly some say it?  Sometimes I have heard it used as much as every other word in a conversation. “He was, like, and I, like, was going to, like, buy the dress, but like…”  Speak proper English please!
  • When you are paying with cash, and when giving you your change, they put the bills first into your hand,  then immediately dump the coins on top, receipt on top of that. What the #$%*& am I supposed to do with that?  Let me put the darn bills in my wallet before you hand me the coins!
  • In a restaurant:  “Are we ready to order?”  ARGHH!  No, you are not eating with us.  It is not WE. You should be asking, “Are you ready to order?”  Seems very patronizing to me, as if the waitress is speaking to a group of children. Ugh.
  • Getting a cup of coffee.  God forbid people don’t get their full money’s worth, so they fill the damn cup to the absolute top.  No way to remove the lid without spilling it all over the place.  Sometimes they ask “Do you want room for milk?”  I hesitate – I don’t use milk, but maybe if I lie they won’t fill it to the top!  Yes, yes!!!  Leave room for milk!  Argh.
  • Pants dragging on the ground. Sloppy sloppy, looks so awful.  Women, when you buy pants that are too long, get them hemmed!  I once interviewed a woman for a management position on a rainy day whose pants were dragging a good two inches on the ground, with the bottoms soaking wet.  There was no second interview.
  • Those who go to an interview or other business meeting with a beverage in hand.  Drink your coffee at home.  Get your dripping jumbo coolata latte after the meeting.  Is it a crutch? Are you addicted? Neither is a good impression.
  • “Have a good one!”  One?  One what? Whatever happened to “Have a nice day!” or a simple “Thank you.”

When I recently was chatting with new friends on vacation and asked what their pet peeves were, one gentleman said that life is short, he prefers not to have pet peeves and instead just focuses on the good things in life.  Well, YEAH!   That’s an admirable attitude for sure, but c’mon, we’re human!  Don’t things sometimes annoy you?  pet-peeve



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  • I find starting every sentence with “So, ….” annoying. Mostly a Millennials thing. My other pet peeve is when riding the elevator with people from my office and they never offer a greeting or a smile, just stare hunched over their phones. It feels almost rude to me. (I know I sound like an old grump. Now get off my lawn!)

    • Ugh – people always hunched over their phones! A crutch for the anti-social I suppose.

  • Another restaurant peeve of mine is when the waiter/busser says “are you still working on that?” and clears away plates from some while others are still eating. Working p/t in a women’s well known clothing store, my peeve is women who disrespectfully leave the fitting rooms a mess!

    • OMG, I also can’t stand it when a waitress clears plates while some are still eating!!!

  • Also, I work with someone who uses “like” constantly. She’ll give a report on a patient and it just makes me cringe!

  • Mine is people who talk on their cell phones in the office restrooms. There are 600+ in our 5 story office building. I understand that may be their only break, other than lunch, but they should go for a walk! Oh, and tail gaters on the interstate!

  • When I say “thank you” to someone and they say “no problem.” What happened to “you’re welcome?” It especially irritates me when I’m making a purchase in a store; I find to be too casual and downright rude!

  • A pet peeve of mine is when I’m invited by the same people to the first, second, third baby shower or (Oh my!) wedding shower. I’m so tired of people assuming that I want to give up a Saturday afternoon to attend an event and bring a present to someone I hardly ever see/socialize with. My husband’s family is quite large and we are invited to every, single, baby shower. There was recently an invitation sent for a FOURTH child. And this one was just adressed to me. At what point does it stop??? AND, after you spend time and money on a gift (from the registery, no less) there is NEVER a thank you card. NEVER. Sorry to rant and rave. This topic seems to have struck a nerve.

    • Loved reading this!!! I too despise baby and wedding showers – would actually spend twice as much on a gift and not have to give up my time…

  • Well said! Here are some of mine-
    The lack of courtesy on the road. When someone is kind enough to let you into a lane give a wave to thank them! I am constantly reminded of peoples rudeness by those who have an “it’s all about me” frame of mind. A brief wave let’s the person know you have acknowledged their kindness.
    Rubberneckers! Those who need to slow down to the point of almost stopping in order to see the accident on the road. That action can cause a 20 minute (or longer) wait in traffic. Move on people! It’s someone’s misfortune, haven’t you ever seen an accident before?
    The ‘vanishing’ written thank you notes. We have become a society of doing things via internet/texting. It’s a great thing and it’s immediate but there is still something special to me about receiving a thank you note in the mail. It shows me the person took that few minutes out of their day to think of me and thank me for something I did. It’s a feel good feeling.
    People who stand behind you at the grocery store “hedging” you with their carts. One lady ran her cart into my foot. I can’t move any faster folks, I am waiting on line just like you!
    Leaving the seat up! Since we have gone male/female in the restrooms I have noticed more often seats are being left in the ‘up’ position. Come on guys, use your manners. Don’t forget what your mother’s told you!


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