Where Ya Goin’?

These days we don’t have too many places to go. With the major limitations on restaurants and social events, going to the dentist can feel like a fun excursion, a reason to wear a cute outfit!

When I scroll through pics on Instagram, sometimes I wonder, “OK – now did she really wear that to go somewhere – or did she just put it on to take pics???” In my odd fascination with this, I have on many occasions asked these Instaladies, “Where were you going?” The answers have been anywhere from: a family party, dinner with friends, to the office, etc…

As for me, any pics I post are always of outfits I actually wore – maybe I only wore them for a few hours, maybe I went nowhere exciting, but I did not get dressed just to take pics. 😉

Here is a perfect example – such a great casual fall outfit…where do you think I went?

a) Out to lunch with a friend

b) Nowhere – working from home

c) Grocery shopping and errands

d) To an eye doctor appointment

The chocolate brown turtleneck is by Aqua, a synthetic/wool blend, found recently at Revolve…the relaxed fit and uneven hemline make it perfect to pair with leggings…

These faux leather leggings are by Wolford…comfortable and machine washable!

Can’t wear sneakers or flats every day! Ok, you certainly can if you choose to, but not me! Wearing heels can transform your whole outfit, adding instant polish and wow factor, reminds you that you are a woman, not a child. 😉 Boots by Ralph Lauren.

Ok, now, here’s a clue to where I went…it was a chilly day, so I wore another layer…

Well, I clearly would not wear this jacket if I was working from home, right? Another clue: it was a Saturday.…have you guessed yet where I went? If you picked C, grocery shopping and errands, you were right! Yippee! When I returned from doing errands three hours later, I changed into old jeans and a teeshirt, more suitable for baking in the kitchen…

Now let’s hear from YOU! Tell me one time recently where you wore a cute outfit when you could easily have dressed like a bum. 🙂

Stay well. Dress well. Enjoy the NOW.

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