White On White

When the days are long and the sun is bright, take a break from black and reach for white!

While you can’t go wrong with a white suit, sometimes you can get the same effect by mixing a white blazer with a white skirt as I did here.  It works especially well if one of the pieces has texture, and an obviously different fabric. Just be sure that the colors are similar enough…

Resist the temptation to add a ‘pop of color’…there is nothing more elegant than white with pale neutrals, such as taupe or beige…

Tory Burch shoes

A camel bootie keeps the look more ‘business casual’, perfect for a hot summer day. Found these a few years ago at Bloomies – super comfortable and great with jeans…have seen many similar ones at TJMaxx, grab them if you find your size!

Rather than a bold necklace, layering two delicate ones made the look softer and more casual, along with the thin wire hoops.

A couple of points to note: the jacket is Nanette Lepore and I did NOT – for once – find at Revolve! At least five years ago I found it at French Lessons in Concord…it was a splurge but I LOVED it and thought it was different and versatile. Turns out that it was a good investment since years later I am still enjoying it. The skirt is from JCrew, also quite a few years old, in a basic style that is timeless.  Do you have a white pencil skirt?

After the work day is done, white on white is also a great look for after hours or on the weekend: try your white jeans with a white linen shirt or sweater paired with camel/tan shoes – it’s such a cool look!

Happy Summer!

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  • I love white on white. However, I’m terrified that I will spill something on my white linen pants or white jeans so I hardly ever wear them. You look lovely.


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