3 Quick Laughs

Hello everyone, hope you are all finding ways to cope with ‘new normal’ life, staying as healthy as possible and staying sane…they say that laughter is the best medicine, so even in tough times like this we need moments of lightness and humor…SO…at the possible expense of painting a picture of myself as a nutcase, I am sharing a few recent family interactions that may give you a chuckle…

  • In the first week of being homebound, I was watching the morning news on Channel 5, WCVB-TV…the traffic reporter came on, and with irritation I shouted at the screen, “Why do we need you? Nobody is going anywhere!!” Then Cindy, the cute weather girl came on and I had a similar response: “Why do we need to know the weather? I don’t need your report to plan my outfit – we’re staying indoors all day!!” …99% of why I watched the weather (during the work week) was to plan my outfit for the day – sheath dress or separates, bare legs or tights, booties or pumps, etc…but not anymore! This gal has now learned that the weather matters for other things in life: for simply enjoying the fresh air on a walk, a run or a bike ride, and most of all, for children playing outside. Took me 62 years and a pandemic to learn this. 😉
  • One night last week as Peter and I were laying in bed, I was still wide awake as my mind was racing with a million things…in the dark I said to Peter, “Usually when I can’t fall asleep I settle down by thinking about what I’m going to wear to work the next day, or what I will wear to an upcoming party or vacation…I have nothing to think about.” To which he quickly replied, “Why don’t you think about what you’re going to cook tomorrow?” Nice Peter, thanks a lot.
  • During the past two weeks we have been doing lots of Zoom meetings and FaceTime to stay connected to our family…my daughter Hayley shared a conversation she recently had with my son-in-law related to these communications: “Hayley,” Tyler said with confusion, “In the middle of the day at home your mother is wearing her full makeup and is dressed up. What’s up with that?” With dead seriousness and without missing a beat she responded to Tyler, “If we ever FaceTime with my mom during the day and she is not made up and well dressed that’s when you should worry, that’s when we will know that the coronavirus is REALLY BAD, and expect the end of the world.” Haha. Yup.

Yeah, call me crazy.

Any funny stories to share from your end?

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One Comment

  • I can’t dress in work clothes right now. For a zoom meeting, I will dress in a nice button down or golf shirt with minimal makeup (tinted moisturizer, lipstick, mascara) and will probably wear my workout pants on bottom and no shoes. I do have self respect so I want to look presentable but the highlight of my days now is walking 3 miles with the dogs.


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