Footwear In Tough Times

We are not going to parties. We are are not going to restaurants. Most of us are working from home. So the question of the day: What have you been wearing on your feet? Shoe choice is one of the most important components of an outfit – OK, these days maybe nobody will see your outfit, but as I have said in previous posts, it still matters because it affects how you feel, and therefore how you interact with others…

With that said, working from home means a more informal look is certainly acceptable – yet – informal does not mean sloppy, and it does not mean barefoot either! Let me get really specific: these are definitely on the ‘NO’ list for footwear when you are working from home:

  • Flip flops
  • Uggs
  • Slippers
  • Gym sneakers
  • Just socks

In the past two weeks I have dressed ‘business casual’ at home wearing four different pairs of fashion sneakers…it’s funny that I would never have worn these shoes to the office, but I really love the look…when you have on silk pants or a slim skirt with sneakers, it actually looks very cool while still being completely professional. Looks good AND feels good, what’s better than that?

And so, here are my favorite fashion sneakers:

Camel colored JSlides, they are super versatile and dressier than a plain sneaker…I wear them with pants, skirts, or shorts…while they come in many different colors, this color makes your legs look long, so great for us petite gals…

These are black slip-on sneakers by Vince...they have a bit of a platform so you get some height…and while they come in leather, these are microfiber which I prefer – super lightweight! Worn here with loose, silk pinstriped trousers by Theory.

These are my priciest sneakers but worth every penny…by Ron White, they are light as a feather and super stylish with gold toes and laces…with a simple black dress, or cropped pants, they complete an outfit! Last week I wore them with black satin joggers and white cotton sweater…click here to see.

Last but not least, another pair of JSlides – plain white leather slip-ons, super comfortable…and just as you can wear them with business trousers, they can be fun to wear with a sexy dress (these days will come again!)…JSlides run true to size, and they currently have a 25% off online sale so check them out!

Now, with this comfortable business look comes a possible dilemma…with wearing sneakers/flats every day and night, what will it be like when we are back in society again – what will it feel like to put on our high heels??? After weeks and weeks in sneaks our little tootsies might start protesting! HA.

As I always say, “when the sun goes down, the heels go up”…I love high heels and plan to wear them well into old age. So I will be proactive over the next few weeks. I will look for opportunities to wear a heel so my feet don’t think that I have entered a different stage of life. 😉 Maybe a dress-up ‘date night’ at home! Heck, maybe a run to the grocery store! Actually I already wore my red suede Manolos this past weekend to the grocery store – on the way to my father’s 88th birthday surprise where the family sang to him from the parking lot – heck, that was a party, right?

March 28,2020

A woman with good shoes is never ugly.    –   Coco Chanel

I firmly believe that with the right footwear one can rule the world. – Bette Midler

I would hate for someone to look at my shoes and say, ‘Oh my God, They look so comfortable! – Christian Laboutin

What’s on your feet today? 🙂

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