3 Ways To Style Cropped Flares

You must know by now that I’m a big fan of faux leather pants/leggings. You can dress them up or down and they give your outfit instant wow appeal…the ‘skinny ankle’ ones I have worn for years are by Wolford, a wardrobe staple! This year I decided to try a flared style for a change…Commando makes them in full length, as well as in the cropped style, reasonably priced at $98.

I tried both styles on at The Hive in Winchester, and opted for the cropped simply because they offer more versatility with shoes…with the full length you are committed to wearing a high heel – yes, they are super flattering and make your legs look fabulously long, but with the cropped style you can wear anything from heels to sneakers…and these days, well, high heels are just not our everyday norm…

Here they are in a WFH outfit, worn with sneakers and a cotton shirt…

Even if the shirt didn’t cover my butt, they are thick enough so you don’t feel too exposed…even better, they provide support in all the right places…

Ok – even during a pandemic, we wear real shoes now and then! How about styling them for date night?

Add a blazer, high heels, a pop of color, and off you go!

With booties the same color as the pants, it elongates the legs, even with the cropped style…

Balance the sexy pants by keeping it simple on top – a plain white or black tee half-tucked in front…

Ok, what about for a night out with a friend – or even something to wear to the grocery store? ;-)

Ta-da! With a low block heel you are stylish without sacrificing comfort…a perfect look for ‘pandemic life’…

If your closet is anything like mine, you probably have lots of black tops – these pants are great for that because they have a shiny texture which contrasts nicely with other fabrics…an all black outfit will also make a petite gal look taller…

Sassy secrets:

  • These Commando pants are NOT the same as shiny patent leather leggings you may see on IG. These do NOT squeak when you walk. :-)
  • Be prepared to struggle a bit to get these on, but once you do, they are super comfy with lots of stretch.
  • For undies, best to wear a Commando brand thong with these – the last thing you want is to see underwear lines or bumps from lacy undies.

Stay well. Dress well. Enjoy the NOW.

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  • I didn’t think I would care for Faux leather in cropped flare, but every outfit looked terrific! I’m inspired!
    BTW, did you change your makeup? You have a natural beauty to you in these pics.

  • All of the outfits look great but my favorite look for you is the all black with white booties.

    • Funny about the makeup – when I saw these pics I thought I looked washed out! The only real difference is lighter lipstick. Thank you for your comment and kind words!


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