Pandemic Shoe Style

As every stylish woman knows, shoes can make or break an outfit. It doesn’t matter if you are dressing for business, for fun, or just running errands, you want to wear a shoe that completes your look while at the same time being comfortable. Has this changed during the pandemic? The answer: YES and NO. :-)

Shoe choice still matters: Shoe choice during the pandemic – even if you are on a Zoom call – shoe choice still matters. Your choice might be a sneaker or a flat shoe, but choose a stylish sneaker/shoe, not one you would wear to workout in, and certainly not your bedroom slippers. Your colleagues might not see your feet, but you can, and that affects how you perceive yourself, and how you engage with others. Yes, it may be subtle, but why not do all you can to create a positive image?

We are not wearing the same shoes that we were wearing in 2019: Shoe choice during a pandemic means lower heels, more casual styles, shoes you could easily wear at home or to the grocery store. This means that your highest, sexiest heels may be hibernating for a few months, but fear not, they will be back….in the meantime, we can still look stylish! Here is my latest find for pandemic footwear:

Black patent tie shoes by All Black – it was the style caught my eye, but it was the weight that wow’d me – they are light as a feather! Saw them initially at Sole Amour in Winchester, MA, but ended up ordering them online to get my size…

Wearing them with jeans, leggings, or joggers is a no-brainer, but they look just as cute with skirts and dresses…here with a gold pleated skirt, a simple black tee and a ‘boyfriend’ blazer…

In a crazy way, I see these shoes as sexy! (Kind of like a woman wearing a man’s shirt…) The style is somewhat gender neutral, more on the masculine side, which adds to the fun, urban look…

Fortunately I had a pair of slim white ankle socks, because they aren’t so easy to find! On the hunt for more anklets…

Heading out, it was finally cool enough to wear a beret, and an oversized wrap over the blazer…

Off I go, ready to conquer the world, in shoes that will not slow me down!

Stay well. Dress well. Enjoy the NOW.

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