4 Reasons to Update Your Underwear

underwear With a new year upon us, it’s a great time to empty out your underwear drawer and take a look at what you have….anything dingy and stretched out? Goodbye….bras or undies that are uncomfortable? Goodbye….anything with rips or holes? Goodbye….GRANNY PANTIES???? Goodbye right now!

If you have not updated your underwear regularly, you may have some real relics on hand, and I bet they ain’t pretty….your underwear is the base of your outfit everyday, so you want to be sure it is all current and that you have the variety of styles you need for various clothing items….you think it’s not worth the effort or expense? Of course it is!

  1. Your clothes (and you) will look better.  Poor underwear choices can ruin a perfectly good outfit on even the best bodies:  visible panty lines under tight pants are a huge no-no….be a big girl and wear a smooth thong….no they are not uncomfortable, you just need to find the brand that fits you best…no-no also to colored or lacy bras under light shirts – everyone needs a smooth, nude tee-shirt bra for thin, lightweight tops…..are you well endowed?  To avoid looking matronly, be sure ‘the girls’ are in a well fit bra that keeps them away from your waist….Eileen at Bloomingdales in Chestnut Hill is a great help with fitting!
  2. You will be more comfortable.  Have you ever tugged at your bra straps all day, or had to adjust your undies? No need when you wear the right style and fit for your body…..as my daughter Hayley said after being fitted for new bras, “they are life-changing!”
  3. You will feel sexier.  Yes, feeling sexy is a state of mind, but realistically we know that visual, auditory, and olfactory senses all come into play…..this is a visual treat for you….from the moment you put on beautiful underwear in the morning it changes your energy…..is your secret for the day….you aren’t just wearing an amazing skirt and sweater, you know what’s underneath!
  4. Your sweetie will take notice.  Maybe your days of satin nightgowns are past (or never were your thing), but we all need to wear underwear! Why not take advantage of this opportunity to put a smile on his/her face?  It shows you care about yourself, it shows you care about your sweetie.

undies skull On a recent Saturday afternoon, I emptied out my undie drawer and trashed the ones that were old, uncomfortable, or just not my favorites….soon followed by a visit to Eileen to be sure I had black and nude basics to add to my fun collection….

Other tips:

  • Buy a few matching sets….while you may not wear a set every day, when you do, it feels extra special!
  • Avoid shopping for underwear where the pre-teens go….you know where I mean, right?  A sophisticated woman does not need ‘sexy’ written across her butt….
  • Chantelle and Cosabella are two of my favorite brands, they are carried in major department stores….La Perla is exquisite and a total splurge.
  • Have your casual underwear and your fancy underwear, match your undies to your outfit!
  • Give Spanx a try if you want a smooth look with support – not only for special occasion dresses!

    Gorgeous Chantelle set, found with Eileen's help...
    Gorgeous Chantelle set, found with Eileen’s help…

Beauty starts from the inside out, right? Well, there’s the inside and the outside, but let’s not forget the middle layer! Haha! Here’s to updating your underwear for the new year! 😉

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