Bring On The Cold!

J McLaughlin sweater, All Saints skirt
J McLaughlin sweater, All Saints skirt

We knew the 60 degree days wouldn’t last forever, but oh boy, did that first 9 degree day feel cold!!! Nevertheless, being warm need not mean dressing thick or frumpy, it just meant a smart choice of layers……bottom layer, a classic Wolford top with 3/4 sleeves….it is a cotton/nylon/elastane blend, comfortable and a  perfect base… layer is a camel merino wool sweater by JMcLaughlin – nothing compares to wool for warmth, you can find similar JM ones (in cashmere!) on sale now…..this cardigan is especially nice because the built in tie gives waist definition…, below the waist:  while you can only see a peek of my stockings, they are the most amazing I have ever worn – Wolford PURE 10 TIGHTS in ‘gobi’ color…..comfortable wide waistband, and they feel as soft as cashmere…..try a pair and you will be hooked!  The skirt is waxed cotton, found a few years back at All Saints, and making their winter debut are my “investment” Aquatalia boots…..007 Of course I won’t be leaving the house without a scarf, but it does not always need to be part of my indoor outfit….a statement necklace is a fun change, this one in particular because it is light as a feather….necklace Found years ago in a Charles St boutique…….018 One rule I always follow in the winter is to never leave the house without the essential 3:    hat, scarf, and gloves…even though I may only be walking short distances outdoors, why not be warm??? And remembering a lesson I learned from Ginger a long time ago, you look better when you dress according to the weather. Bring on the cold!

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