The Gorsuch Look

017 Growing up with Ginger, I always remember that she received the Gorsuch catalogue regularly, and occasionally would order something small: unique socks once, another time a crushed velvet turtleneck… is a family owned company out of Colorado specializing in luxury ski wear, and for the average person, quite expensive  (though I hate to use that word!)  How she discovered it (not being a skier) I have no idea, but leave it to Ginger to find ‘top of the line’ in anything……the catalogue has been coming to me for years now… is a visual treat, eye opening, a work of art, and fun to peruse – even though I have only ordered one item……so far……Why not just trash it or unsubscribe?  Because you can get ideas, and create similar looks with pieces priced within your budget…..seen in photo above, I was heading out for a weekend in Vermont – “Hey! I have the Gorsuch look!” I thought to myself…….Outdoorsy upscale casual…..wearing an old Free People top and Ralph Lauren jeans from TJMaxx……the upscale accents?  A Burberry scarf, Ginger’s mink (recently refurbished), and a new Surell hat (thank you Peter!)…..015 If you are opposed to real fur, there are many faux options that look truly fabulous, or skip that part altogether ……you can add the ‘luxury’ look with a tailored velvet jacket, a cashmere cape, a bold, glitzy belt – or all of the above!  012 My purchase from Gorsuch about two years ago was an Alp-N-Rock shirt that I wear skiing, après-ski, or just around town in the winter – it is reversible and completely different on either side, so it’s really like getting two tops for the price of one….a great value and a great look!

Alp-N-Rock top from Gorsuch catalogue
Alp-N-Rock top from Gorsuch catalogue

If you like the European ‘outdoorsy upscale casual’ look, I encourage you check out this unique catalogue…..maybe you will get ideas to create outfits from your own closet, or maybe you will treat yourself…..;-)Gorsuch catalogues

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  • Love your outfit! I bought my first fur coat shortly after my mom gave me hers. I haven’t yet been brave enough to have hers restyled. But I wear mine often, even though I hardly ever see anything approaching your 9 degrees:)
    I get the Gorsuch catalog too but haven’t ordered anything yet. It’s fun looking though.


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